Thursday , August 5 2021

Signs and indications to avoid inflammation of the middle ear

Osteoarthritis is a disturbing problem that most people don't know. It is a bacterial or viral infection that affects the ear, causes severe inflammation and often affects children, and there are signs of middle ear infection in adults and adolescents.

According to a website MayoClinic Symptoms of osteoarthritis are:

Ear infection
Ear infection

Symptoms of otitis media

1: severe pain in the ear, especially when lying down.

2: Difficulty and sleep problem.

3: Crying in children.

4: Difficulty in hearing and answering sounds.

5: balance loss.

6: Very high temperature.

7: headache at the head.

8: Loss of appetite.

9: Hearing impairment.

10: Fluid discharge of the ear.

There are some tips to prevent infection, otitis media and infection with viruses and bacteria

Middle ear
Middle ear

1: Pay attention to wash your hands especially after eating and using the toilet.

2: Stay away from crowded places infected with infection and viruses.

3: Avoid smoking.

4: Mothers should breastfeed the infant with a large amount of vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the immune system of the mother and provide protection against diseases.

5: Vegetables and fruits to eat and non-alcoholic beverages and alcohol attention.

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