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Shaking eyelid .. That's what this joint bidder means!

Weak nails, eyelid shaking and flaking skin … Symptoms may seem simple and easy to treat, but if they continue they may show a lack of certain nutrients. Does he know what happened?
Diyet You should listen carefully to the body and if you notice anything unusual, you should not ignore it, Atlant stressed Atlantic dietician Guerlain Jones.

"If food deficiency is responsible for the problem, the sooner the treatment is treated, the easier it will be to treat it with dietary supplements or supplements."

There are six symptoms that can affect the body, which means that it suffers from a certain food defect, but may show more serious problems, but it is always preferable to consult a doctor to monitor the main cause:

Joint stiffness

Any pain in the body may indicate low vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium necessary for bone formation. If you do not get enough, it can result in loss of bone density and pain, whether eating or sunlight.

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