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Secondary League Elections: Relocation and Exclusion

Since the merger of the Secondary School Teachers' Association in the early 1990s, there has been no change in the rules of procedure. Some of the previous governing bodies reminded of the changes made at the time of the election, and the offer fell on the grounds that there was not enough time for discussion, whereas any changes require the approval of 66% of the vote. The only time in which the independent trade union movement created relative dependence on the electoral system was in 2016, and the offer fell on the day because it hit the sectarian and sectarian structure of the association.

Today, one month before the expiry of the mandate, the current administrative body will meet before the general assemblies before June 15th, and most often call for vote on a series of decisions, as follows: most importantly, the term of office of the administrative authority shall be The establishment of branches in six states including, the Secretary of Cooperation of the State Employees, the Office of the administrative body as the Trade Union Training Secretary and others.

The election of the top delegates will take place from 15 June to 30 June, when the new board of directors is elected in the second half of December.

Once again, while Relativity was not included in the proposed change list, the Association 2128 refused to allow secondary lecturers to participate. The head of the association, Nazih Jabbawi, is a fact from the paragraphs 5 (b) of the rules of procedure relating to the members of the association, referring to the necessity of explaining the explanation of the proportional system and the necessity for clarification. Melekte and official high schools … ». Therefore, according to Jabbawi, trainees are not professors in the owners since the appointment decree has not been issued yet and they are still receiving salary from the Faculty of Education of Lebanon University rather than the Ministry of Education. In 2004 and 2008, Jabbawi said successful coaches of public service games did not participate in the elections.

What will the changes be approved before the election of the governing body? Jabbawi explained that changes to the appropriate vote could be made and if this was not possible, the elected body would be at the top of the agenda.

The independent trade union movement, on the other hand, saw associations wanting to remove these changes from the elections. He told the leadership of the current George Saada, that the changes have reached 55 delegates in the Council of Delegates not only from associations but from associations, not from trade unions, but from 560, and could be sent by e-mail. At a press conference yesterday, the current denied the need to "smooth out corrections, regardless of the corrections". This implied the impossibility of fulfilling the logistics task within five days. He believed that the adoption of relativity enabled the representation of all the components of the professors and increased their participation in all movements and increased their mobilization around trade union organizations.

When it comes to the lecturers who are not eligible to participate in the election, HE stated that Decision 89 on Working in the Faculty of Education is different from previous matches. Practitioners said their deprivation could extend three more years if they did not exceed three years after the end of the 5-year term of the Association in the next three years (2022-2020).

As for the slope, the trainees stated that they constituted one third of the secondary education institution and they had rights such as six degrees which required their representation in the association and that they were not responsible for delaying their entry into secondary education. The establishment of eight branches of the case should not be converted into confederation branches, maintaining central unity. It requested 40 per cent of the creation of a body for the secretary of women's affairs and the addition of a substance for the implementation of the quotas of women in the administrative body.

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