Tuesday , May 17 2022

Riyashi supported Hariri's position for his troops: his words were rational and very solid


The Prime Minister-appointed Saad al-Hariri informed the caregiver government Melhem El-Riyashi, who gave information about the affected government:, The leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, Dr. I visited the country of Samir Geagea and I told him about his open support. Try to find a solution to each side, but it is also a principled position, because there are things that a person cannot tolerate more clearly than intolerance. "

He added: değer You know that power has made great sacrifices for the government, but the last knot between the two sides has reappeared, but the position of Prime Minister Hariri is an extraordinary value, because it is logical and rational to be strengthened to establish the government as soon as possible. And the needs of people are huge. "

"I don't think that none of the parties should oppose the prime minister's position because it is rational and very robust."

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