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After a trip to Serbia, Liverpool, Red Star Belgrade & # 39; ta 2018-2018 Champions League & # 39; s fourth round of the second goal of the goal is targeted. Red Watch vs Fenerbahce vs Red Star Live hd match Fenerbahce and Red Star Champions League Live Live match most important matches Liverpool and Red Star Ward Stars hd watch Liverpool and Red Star fast link Star Star match Liverpool and Red Star YouTube Link live fast and refreshed match Liverpool vs Red Star (Red Star) vs Liverpool and red star Mohamed Sala today Champions League Liverpool match and red star Kora Online KORA Live match Liverpool and Red Star Yalla Shot Match Liverpool vs Red Star KORA STAR Live match game Liverpool and Red Star 6-11-2018 on Tuesday in the Champions League & # 39;

Liverpool vs Red Star vs Liverpool vs Red Star vs Yalla Shout vs Liverpool vs Red Star. Liverpool and Red Star Champions League's most important matches

Match Date Liverpool and Red Star (Red Star Belgrade): 8:55 Saudi time 07:55 Egypt time 7:55 Palestinian time 7:55 Jordan time 07:55 Syria time 7:55 Lebanon time 8:55 Iraq time 7:55 Sudan time the time.

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Liverpool stars, going to Belgrade in the Champions League match, Juergen Klopp, a couple of World Cup celebrations after annoying Serbs in the house Khardan Shakiri, argues the decision to leave the house.

Jurgen Kloppop defended his team to Liverpool on Monday morning, deciding to leave Khadran Shakiri at home due to political tensions.

Liverpool 's Red Star on Tuesday & # 39; The signature he wrote with la would be afraid to face an enmity if he wrote.

The Swiss midfielder pissed off the Serbs in the World Cup in a match between the two countries, and saw the fraternal celebration as a crazy celebration and wore shoes decorated with the Kosovo flag.

In the Champions League match in Liverpool, Red Star was definitely a goal with Belgrade.

Match Red Star Vs Liverpool Channel Carrier and Match Info

Competition: UEFA Champions League (Group Stage – 4th Round) Publishers: BN Sport 1 Venue: Red Star Stadium.

Review by Hafeez Draghi.

Result of the first leg: Liverpool (4-0) Red Star.

"As a football team to play football, we will go to the wonderful city of Belgrade.

Değil We heard and read speculations and talked about something the Shack would have, and even if we have no idea what it would be, we want to go there, and we want to focus on 100% football, and we don't have to think about anything else, that's all.

"We are Liverpool, a big club, a football team, but we have no message, no political messages, we don't want to focus on a fantastic football game, we're not free from anything else.

. We are keen to be respectful and careful to avoid any distraction that may be focused on a 90-minute competition that is important only for football and football.

Therefore, Shack does not share it and does not accept it and understands it. Shack of our player, we love him, he will play us too much, but not Tuesday.

"I'm going there to play football," Chouciri said last month.

. It's not about politics, I'm worried about nothing about football, and I'm going to play. N I've already done this in the World Cup (idiot) because I know I can solve this problem.

The decision angered Twitter with some supporters who supported the decision, while others said it was a dangerous precedent.

Rory Jennings, "We appreciate the complexity of placing Red Star Belgrade / Shakiri, but the actor's decision not to travel is really wrong," he wrote. You are rewarding bad behavior effectively and punishing the victim, this is a very important example … #LFC. & # 39;

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George Thorpe said on social networking sites: & Liverpool may be wise to leave after Eagles in England. De To be fair, I don't think they need him to win against Red Star.

Two weeks ago, Red Star fans drew attention to every touch I made during their first encounter in Anfield, and the Kosovo Albanian parents would raise hostility to the former Yugoslav-born player.

Shakiri celebrates the World Cup as a "double eagle" like an eagle on the Albanian flag. These angry Serbs who do not recognize the independence of Kosovo.

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Kosovo left the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s and saw more than one million ethnic Albanians displaced by the small state due to the tension in the Kosovo War in 1998-1.

The NATO intervention led to the withdrawal of Yugoslavia, but the Serbs, which were part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, still did not recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Wait for the live stream of the match before your country and the live broadcast of the match between Liverpool and Red Star will appear.

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