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«Music Conference» concludes with 7 suggestions and requires the establishment of archives and Arab tunes museums

«Music Conference» concludes with 7 suggestions and requires the establishment of archives and Arab tunes museums
«Music Conference» concludes with 7 suggestions and requires the establishment of archives and Arab tunes museums

The iyor Music Conference giler completed its activities with 7 recommendations and the Arabic tunes called for the creation of archives and museums for Saqer News, quoting Al Masry, concluding the ve Music Conference News with 7 suggestions and requiring the creation of an archive and museum for Arabic tunes The çağr Music Conference ve concludes its activities and requires the establishment of the archives and the museums of the melodies. features.

Saqr News

Conference and Festival Director The Scientific Committee of the 27th Arab Music Conference, chaired by Rasha Tamoum and Jihan Morsi, announced the recommendations adopted by the Committee at the closing session and focused on 7 key points to expand the use of modern technology within the call of academia and music institutes in the Arab world. To develop mechanisms to promote the exchange of research and scientific messages and the establishment of a digital music library among the scientific institutions in the Arab world, while preserving the aesthetics and identity of the Arab world.

The third is to invite Arab artistic and cultural institutions to organize events for new Arab creative experiences, as well as to establish Arab music archives and museums in local and national frameworks as well as to create electronic databases and invite experts to draft laws. In addition, to allow the presentation of music materials to the users and to take care of these materials in accordance with the reservation rules and to guarantee the property rights of the creators and to provide a useful income in the development and continuity of these institutions.

In addition to inviting press institutions and national publishing houses in the Arab world to encourage criticism of music and productions in the Arab world and to create a critique of music for everything presented in the music world in the Arab world and to encourage critics to criticize critical and serious music criticism. Creation of an institution specialized in the printing and dissemination of music codes at international level and publishing articles of students who are experts in critic music in educational institutions through electronic journals. The recommendations resulted in appreciation for the participants at the conference and roundtable and called for a continuation of a musical dictionary of terms in the Arab countries as a starting point. In the meeting organized by the Arab Music Festival, 16 Arab and foreign countries, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Tunisia, Oman, Denmark, Jordan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. sessions should be mentioned. Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan and Bahrain.

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