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Liverpool fans to manage their clubs: Salah & # 39; s demand for the sale!


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Liverpool fans to manage their clubs: Salah & # 39; s demand for the sale! Thursday, November 8, 2018 from Souras district.

Liverpool fans want to sell Salah after Liverpool's defeat 08 – 11 – Reds were released in 2018 British The Daily Star claimed that a number of Liverpool fans demanded the sale of the star and last season's goal was Mohammed Salah. Salad said in the fourth round of the Champions League after a 0-2 defeat against the Red Star in a report posted on the newspaper's website: Salah scored 44 goals for Liverpool last season, but sometimes suffered this season and appeared in Belgrade. Or One of the fans believes that Al-Masri's team mates and his German coach, Juergen Klopp, must go back. Another fan said: omen I didn't care if we didn't sell Salah, “he commented: yorum I was very upset because we didn't sell the phenomenon of the season. Şöyle Salah was a great deal when we gave him the opportunity. Click here to read news from sources.

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