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Learn about the types and types of skin cancer


Ahsa newspaper, which has information about the types of skin cancer and the symptoms of all kinds of melodies, introduces you to all kinds of skin cancer and its symptoms, skin cancer types and we will let you know all the symptoms we offer you. and all types of symptoms.

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Skin cancer is one of the most difficult types of cancer with abnormal development and growth of skin cells, there is no specific cause of infection, but may be due to persistent exposure to the weak immune system or harmful sunlight, there are three types of cancer according to the mayoclinic region.

Basal cell carcinoma occurs in areas exposed to sunlight, such as the neck and face, and appears as a pear colored or waxy color or skin color or brown scar.

2: Kerosofageal cell carcinoma, which occurs frequently in sun-exposed areas such as the sun, the ear and the hands, increases the likelihood of people with dark skin cancer cells in areas of the Sarkopagus in areas not exposed to sunlight.

3 Symptoms of melanoma Melanoma can develop anywhere in the body, but often develops in the face or lower part of women. For dark-skinned people, melanoma occurs under the hands, feet or fingernails. Finger or toenails.

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