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Latifa, Nancy and Haifa After Wehbe: Shaaban Abdul Rahim has been threatened with re-threats


Latifa, Nancy and Haifa After the Wehbe: Shaaban Abdel Rahim, 15 – 11 – 2018 again exposed to the threats of the newspapers published in the sun Egyptian popular singer Şaban Abdul Rahim, saying that the terrorists are not afraid of the death threats of an organization calling a new said he received a death threat. An audio cassette attributed to the Islamic State Organization threatened him with death, saying in TV, "I am in a government and an army in Egypt." Said. "A series of artists since 2014, the date when a lawyer appeared in Iraq, death threats, the statement of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram on the publication of the organization in 2016, Sidon of Lebanon In the text of his testimony, he said, "You will not like this night, do not try our patience or experience us, all our options are open to the sea and land. Ojo will shoot the water and the dust will turn to the sky. All those who call for this concert will be heard by their singers, dancers and presenters. Canlandır However, the Lebanese stood up against the threats and revived the ceremony amid intense security measures. In the same year, Latifa Arfaoui was threatened with a “call Aynı threat. The Algerian security reports showed the assassination list of 50 Tunisian personalities, including Latifa. Latifa responded through the social networking site «Facebook» through a social networking site that says that they are not afraid of anyone, that God alone lives alone and that may Aldaash ”will not diminish their love for the country and its people, and will not prevent artistic activities at all concerts and places. . Tunisian. Hind Saber did not escape the threats of the terrorist organization after the release of "Zahrat Halab" in 2015. At that time, the stars are not afraid to say, "What interests me is to present works of art that only touch the suffering of the people." The list of artists threatened by the organization of a lawyer, as well as the names of the famous star Haifa Wehbe, in which the star of the terrorist organization expressed the discontent of the dress in which the star appeared on the scene of the "Star Academy" program in 2014 and the Lebanese Ak Da 4; His cell will retaliate. Click here to read the news from the source.

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