Sunday , September 25 2022

In homes, the 'robotic cleaner' & # 39; fear of espionage


IRobot, the producer of small house robots, said the robots would provide some data from their homes to Google, bringing up some of the concerns and fears of some of them, according to "Russia Today".
The company says that robots + Roomba i7 are dedicated to clean floors, that users create maps of their homes and store these maps in electronic memory, and help speed up this cleaning, but that these maps are sometimes sent to Google via the Internet, because these robots explained that it is connected. WIFI is at home.
The purpose of the operation is to use this data in the development of software to help robots to accomplish larger and more complex tasks in the future, according to iRobot, and to implement these commands with voice commands that will be sent by the user to the robot via the "Google" assistant. sound. The comments aroused concern among some Roomba robots, even saying that the manufacturer was spying and that other companies would allow users to spy on their homes.

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