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Historical reconciliation Geagea and Franjieh gathered in Bkirki: hostilities and strife went – Faraj Abaji


Meeting details

The announcement came on Wednesday for hab El Nahar "and the news spread and knew the date. The media began to flock to Bkirki to cover up. The delegations accompanying the two leaders came from former and current MPs and party leaders. For the fourth hour and ten minutes, Geagea was waiting for Patriar Alrai, surprised by the media, accompanied by his wife Strida Geagea and the delegation from the right-hand side of the hall. There were moments when the Franjieh and the accompanying delegation were entered on the left side of the hall. Between Ghagea and the Franjieh, an informal handshake was shaking hands with the members of the delegation and then returned to the right-hand side of the Patriarch, who mediated the official handshake between the two leaders. .

"We are together today to complete the road and you know our position in Bkerki, we are against the double, triple and quadruple groups, the Lebanese people as a whole and the institutions of the whole state. This is the unity, role and mission of Lebanon in the region, respected The authorities are the dimensions of this great historic meeting between Suleyman Bey Franjieh and Dr. Samir Geagea and all the fans through them and with them. And I sour the two sides. ot

Incomplete and final statement

After the word, the shepherd and the two leaders went to a side room and held a three-sided retreat. Later, everyone went to hear the final statement read by Joseph Nafaa, Bishop: merkez While fulfilling the sacrifices of all the martyrs, today, in the headquarters of the Maronite Patriarchate in Bkerki, this great national structure and the Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Ra 39; I'll meet under the auspices of. Suleiman Franjieh and the head of the Lebanese Forces Party. Samir Geagea proposed a strict and comprehensive compromise.

The reconciliation represents a fully Christian-human-Lebanese value, without any political calculation which may vary depending on circumstances and changes, regardless of the political options of peace and mutual respect and of the political parties of the party that wish the good of Lebanon, the people, the country and the people.

In recent years, the relationship between the two sides has passed through several political and election stations, and despite the fact that the political differences between them remain the same, their stability and flaws are not inaccurate, confirming that dialogue and dialogue are not just as impor- tant as politics and consequences.

On the basis of the above, the insurgent movement and the Lebanese Forces Party have decided to dissociate themselves through a rational dialogue aimed at realizing Lebanon's high interest and the role of Christians by announcing the common will to achieve the new horizons for humanitarian, social, political and national relations. stressed the need. Together to separate these headings into the terms of this document.

This event is suitable for the size of the martyrs and was sacrificed and sacrificed from the bloody clashes between the two teams. Our only satisfaction is that their sacrifices cause this historical and emotional response to any political gain, to the degree of suffering, and to move away from the tragedies of their loved ones.

What the parties are looking for in this document arises from the assumption of historical responsibility and concern for the fate that is far from political markets and does not aim to change the political alliances in Lebanon and the North. It resulted in a series of meetings and dialogues that stopped the conflict and the commitment of relations to normalization, encouraging the parties to maintain and develop dialogue, through which the two sides succeeded in gaining mutual trust by respecting the rules of democratic political action.

Based on the above, the Parties hereby certify:

– The separation from the logic of eradication with Christians is the combination of the diversity and diversity of Lebanon.

The time of hostility and competition between the Lebanese forces and the rebellion was over, and the time for understanding and dialogue came, a page of agony was put out and lessons from the past were removed, and mistakes and mistakes, hopes and insights were hoped to prevent repetition.

– The meeting begins with the commitment of each party to its own beliefs and political will and does not restrict the freedom of political elections and directions, but does not have specific commitments, but it is the decision to overcome the painful phase and lay the foundations for a continuous dialogue facing an open horizon.

– respect the commitment of the Constitution, laws and democratic rules concerning political and social pluralism, freedom of thought, public and private freedoms and political and party work in Lebanon.

– Maintaining a positive atmosphere between the two sides and excluding the conditions that harm the other party, its symbols and martyrs.

Geagea and Franjieh

When Geagea went, he said, "It's a compromise and a beautiful, beautiful and historic day."

The Franjieh said:, What I saw was a Christian who was a discriminatory, and most importantly we were not discussing everyday matters, on the contrary, we talked about emotional issues, and the meeting was sensible.

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