Friday , August 19 2022

Flu vaccination reduces the incidence of heart disease


Flu vaccination reduces heart disease - Archive photo

Flu vaccination reduces heart disease – Archive photo

Canadian scientists have found that by combining the incidence of heart attack and influenza, influenza injection can provide many benefits to avoid "fatal" heart attacks.

Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine after screening about 20,000 influenza patients.

The study, conducted by Jeffrey Kwong and colleagues, found that the risk of a heart attack increased by 600% in influenza infection for a week, while on the other hand, the risk of increased influenza infections with influenza increased and the influenza vaccine was working. Perfect "heart".

In another study, researchers from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Taiwan, examined the medical records of 80,000 elderly patients for 13 years.

The study found that annual vaccination against influenza reduced the risk of heart attack by 20% and provided similar protection against stroke.

Influenza injection alone does not reduce the risk of heart attack, but also protects patients already suffering from heart disease before the flu.

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