Saturday , July 31 2021

Explore the features expected in WhatsApp and the new Android 12 update

This period witnesses a development and updates that modern technologists are looking for, updating of various applications from the competition field and new features are added to smart devices every period, including one in the iOS system, and we remember that WhatsApp offers some features. I’m waiting and this is after the recent attack on WhatsApp and many WhatsApp users are waiting for these features to appear on their devices so they can use and enjoy them and smartphone fans are waiting for the latest version of Android systems expected to be officially released by Google this summer. So what will this replica carry for devices?

New features in the new Android 12

Features of the new Android update:

Tech experts are looking for a surprise many WhatsApp users have been waiting for, as the Twitter page announced that the next operating system version will carry many key features for smartphones, including:

1- Feature: One Hand Mode

Following the latest WhatsApp updates, the most anticipated features have been announced, simplifying the use of large screen phones with one hand, minimizing the screen interface on the screen, controlling as well as the direction that the user usually trusts, similar to the feature and many other features found on some Samsung phones today.

One Hand Mode feature to facilitate the use of large screen phones with one hand

2- Icon control mechanism:

It is worth noting that the new version of WhatsApp application Android has many features:

  • Advantageous changes in the icon control mechanism and user interfaces in phones
  • A feature that automatically rotates the image on the screen according to the direction of the user’s face.

3- Run multiple applications at the same time:

In addition to the most important features that will delight WhatsApp users on new Android 12 devices, this other practical feature is running multiple apps at the same time, it can reach smartphones with Android 12 access and aims to run more. One application at a time in the user interface i.e. the ability to control the size of interfaces similar to those found on some Samsung phones and where applications will be displayed.

Advantage of running multiple apps at the same time

4- Asking for help easily:

We are talking about the most wanted feature by users, as it makes it easier to seek help via phones in case of emergency by relying on the main operating button.

5- Check the device by clicking:

In addition to the other new features announced and the most important feature that helps control the device and its apps by clicking its back end, namely, similar to those currently found on some iPhone models.

Features that help control the device and its apps by clicking on its back end
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