Tuesday , August 9 2022

Elie Saab launches its new collection for the 2018 article in the pine palace


Written by Basma Mashali

World fashion designer Elie Saab introduced the latest show of the new 2018 summer collection in Palais des Conns with photos and videos published on Insegram's official website.

The latest designs of the Swirish dresses, as usual, looked rich in detail, rich in black and beige.

The beige dresses were characterized by a long, embroidered and bright tunic, with a thin tulle of gold stripes, with a short opening and a short front, some with feathers and wings in the neck and limbs.

Quote from the exhibition of pine tree designer Elie Saab (2)

Most of the designs come from black dresses, since 2016, from the fashionable cape, and this year comes back strongly, a long tail from the shoulders back to the end of the dress, giving a royal look, with leaf-like shapes.

The event was attended by the famous French fashion designer Paolo Bunga, Michelin Zanouni, the famous chef of Four Seasons George V Paris, leading Lebanese businessman Michelin Zanouni and Lebanese businesswoman Rima Sleiman Franjieh, Ms. Claudine Aoun Roquez and fashion expert Ghani Ghandour. Creative Designer Elie Saab.

Quote from the designer Elie Saab in the pine tree (1)

Elissa appeared in the pine court during the show of designer Elie Saab; he was dressed in a black velvet dress, embroidered with gold, and coordinated with shawls of the same color, as well as the dramatic black-look dramatics.


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