Friday , August 12 2022

Elections in the North Bar Association, to choose a new captain instead of Shami


The current captain Abdullah al-Shami and a new captain to replace a member of the polls were opened in the Bar Association of Tripoli, the lawyers began voting in boxes in a quiet and natural environment. All the polls were scheduled for 15: 00 & # 39; Will close. The counting process will start and 1304 lawyers who have paid their votes will have the right to vote.

The war in the middle of the captain is limited to the candidates, the first is supported by Mohammed Murad, Tripoli and northern and most of the political movements of the old tribes and independents, while the second candidate Samar al-Halabi is supported by some parties and independents and the victory of Murad is almost certain.

Members of the Vtnvs center are 4 candidates and the battle seems too hot: Yousef Duweihi, Nabil Qatra, Samaan Iskandar and Fahd Ziva.

It should be noted that the current captain would be chosen from the Islamic community by taking the place of Shami as the lawyer, thanks to the special tradition that was removed from this duty between Muslims and Christians.

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