Saturday , July 31 2021

Dembele keeps Barcelona one point away from Atlético

Barcelona striker Osman Dembli scored in the stoppage time to lead the hosts to a crucial 1-0 win against Valladolid in the Spanish Premier League, and the leaders cut the difference with Atletico Madrid to one point.

Valladolid also performed disciplined and daring, and when Kenan Kudrow headed for the crossbar, he could take the lead early, while Rocky Mesa could get two dangerous chances in front of the goal without taking advantage of them from outside the penalty area.

Barcelona came close to accepting the net before the halftime when former goalkeeper Jordi Masip blocked Pedri’s shot before the ball hit the post.

The goalkeeper also blocked Dembley’s try in the second half, and then watched Antoine Griezmann pass the post.

Barcelona took advantage of the shooting of Valladolid’s Oscar Plano in the 79th minute in his intervention against Dembele, and when he took a stray ball with his left foot towards the close corner of the goal, he finally succeeded in scoring by passing the French striker.

The visiting team protested the red card and before that the team requested a penalty kick in the second half due to Barcelona defender Jordi Alba’s handball. However, the referee decided that the touch was not intentional after review by the VAR.

With this sixth consecutive win for Ronald Koeman’s team, he increased his score to 65 points, two points behind Real Madrid in third place and one point behind Atletico, who lost 1-0 to Sevilla on Sunday.

Barcelona will play with Real Madrid next Saturday and have the chance to take the league to the top the day after playing with Atletico Real Betis.

“The feeling I felt from the bench was that we always had the ability to win the game to the end. The players proved that they believed in victory by the last minute,” said Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman.

“Sometimes a team has to really suffer before winning, and that’s good. Competition in the Spanish League is all about suffering,” he added.

Respect to Dembley

The Dutch coach praised Dembele, who struggled with injuries early in his Barcelona career and was criticized for his lack of discipline, but he’s showing his best form this season.

“Being at the top of the game is important to him and gives us a lot when facing opponents,” Koeman said.

“He can occupy all positions on the front line. While there we can play in different ways and he scored the goal we need today.”

Barcelona defender Climo Lenglet added, “It shows how tough the league is, and we have to fight in every match to win.”

“We faced a great team that played very well and it was a really tough match, but we won a significant win and this series was achieved with a lot of effort, after a period early in the season when things didn’t go well but things got better now,” he added.

Valladolid goalkeeper Macip said that his team left Camp Nou with a bittersweet taste at the same time, he was happy with the performance, but left feeling unfair to lose points, especially after Plano was kicked out of the game.

“It is really a shame that all this hard effort was wasted by one location.”

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