Friday , January 22 2021

Aswan Women Film honors Tawfiq and Mona Chalabi, developed in third session

Women's Cinema Aswan International Film Festival, which will be held on February 20-26, the third edition of the festival, the great artist Mohsena Tawfiq and star Mena Shalaby announced that the honor.

Festival director Mohamed Abdel Khalek said that the festival management wanted to honor one of the artistic symbols of the giants of the Egyptian art and one of the stars of the younger generation.

Abdul Khaleq confirmed that the great artist developed the artistic value of the festival, especially during his artistic career, a number of different roles, including Atef Salem 's "Les Miserables" and director Samir Saif, including "Del Miserables." It undertook. Director Atef El Tayeb, "Alexandria Leigh" and "Goodbye Bonaparte" and director Youssef Chahine, "Al Asfour" and "Flute" with Egyptian and Arab audiences interacting with Bahia.

The director of the festival, Hassan Aboul-Ela, said that the men who represent the manager's future, Mena Shalaby, are the artists who are eager to choose the serious and original pieces they show to the audience. Director Khaled Yusuf and director Khaled Chahine and Khaled Youssef and director Mohammad Khan with "Banat Al Balad" and director Marwan Hamed and "The Original" and "The Diamond of Diamonds" as film directors and director Khaled Youssef and "Orak Omri". "7" Joe won with the film "Nawara" also presented to the level of representation at Arab and international festivals with the director Hala Khalil.

Mena said that Shalabi was one of the most important cinema stars in the new millennium in Egypt and the Arab world, and that in recent years he has a large public base that has been able to take shape with many distinguished people who express political and social reality.

Mohsena Tawfiq, who produced about 70 works at the cinema, television and theater levels throughout his career, was born in 1939. He completed his undergraduate education in 1968 in the field of agriculture. In 1971, he began his film career with a film, The Hall of Good Honor olan and had two sisters: ları Abla Fadila aw and the second opera singer Yousra Tawfiq, and his sons Wael and the radio station Fadila Tawfik, famous for Azza. He graduated from the Agricultural Faculty drama "Beautiful Tragedy" and, after graduating in 1966, presented his play "Agamemnon". The great director Youssef Chahine presented a collection of his most famous works. Nha: "Alexandria, Les, bird, goodbye Bonaparte."

He also portrayed Mena Shalaby in nearly 54 films and television: Critics and the people praised their choice and diversity, and did not confine themselves to a single artistic model. This allowed him to work with a number of directors, including director Mohammed Khan, director Youssef Chahine, and many others. He began his career in 2000 with the drama "Salma Ya Salama" and starred with actor Samiha Ayoub, and then toured his successful art in film and television.

The Aswan International Women's Film Festival is organized under the auspices of the Women's National Council and the Directors of Cinematographers with the support of the Ministries of Culture and Tourism.

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