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Are vegetarians more unpleasant than meat-eaters and plants?


Do vegetarians have a more fragrant odor than meat eaters and plants? Our newspapers, I believe in the flag we spread. Do vegetarians have a more unpleasant smell than meat eaters and plants? Do vegetarians have a more unpleasant smell than meat eaters and plants? Starting with our news site and the most important news, vegetarians have a worse smell than meat eaters and plants.

At the beginning of his career, Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, won $ 5 per hour at Atari.

Although the chief engineer at Atari Jobs saw something in it “, Jobs quickly sniffed something, the smell of the body.

As Jobs believes that the vegetarian diet prevents the body's odor, it is washed at a rate lower than that of normal meat and plant eaters.

The resulting body odor was commissioned by Atari's CEO, a night shift at work, and the only factor in the building.

The theory that being a vegetarian would make him smell better was wrong, but the researchers confirmed that there might be something to do with it, and it turns out that vegetarians don't have more odor than carnivores.

In fact, it probably had a better smell.

In a study published in the Journal of Chemical Sense in 2006, it was found that taking meat affected participants smelling their experiments.

The small study, designed to test the effect of red meat consumption on body odor attractiveness, asked 17 male participants to diet for two weeks with a meat or vegetarian diet.

During the last 24 hours of the diet, participants had to wear bandages to collect body odor.

These examples were evaluated by 30 female participants according to various factors such as courtesy, politeness, gravity and violence.

After one month, the exercise was repeated with the same participants, but each participant made the diet against.

In the study, it was found that the participants of the vegetarian diet were more attractive than those who did not.

Body odor samples of meat-eaters are more attractive, more pleasant and less intense.

This indicates that meat consumption causes more sweat.

Note, however, that some foods have a strong odor and are thus able to be released from the pores during and after digestion.

For example, garlic, cumin and curry are particularly effective.

Sweat sometimes just smells.

There are two types of sweat: Sweat from the sweat and apocrine glands from the Eccrine glands.

The sweat of the swabs protects the sweat glands in the body and generally does not have a strong odor.

On the other hand, sweats of swollen glands come under the arms, around the thighs, hands and feet from sweat glands.

It is filled with protein and fat that is absorbed by bacteria living in the skin.

The product is a bacterial waste that persists its distinctive aroma.

Therefore, a vegetarian or meat and plant package, whether or not you have a place, a regular bath and the daily use of deodorant, can go a long way towards positive relationships with those around you.

  • Translation: Joseph Club William Sanada.
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