Saturday , January 16 2021

Apples are essential. To keep the thick dishes Amr Diab thick

Many of us want to know the secret of the youth used by Amr Diab, Hath is characterized by a coherent consistency that is free from any flaw, the stars are considered to be most interested in health, nutrition and exercise, and the exercise is permanent, every teenager looks like him, and that Daily diet with lines.

Calorie burning dishes

Plato focuses on foods that help reduce body fat levels and eat some food during meals, helping to burn more calories and helping to balance weight..

Apple needed in the life of highland"

Plato is eager to eat fruits, especially apples, and to eat all forms of oats..

In most of their dishes, "plateau" is keen to add asparagus to its rich vitamin. B6 andC, Which help us burn fat.

It depends on the addition of parsley to various types of eggplant, as it helps to facilitate the stomach and to remove toxins and fats that can accumulate in the digestive tract..

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