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«Aoun» does not hesitate to give up a Sunni ministry to solve a government building crisis


Lebanese Foreign Minister: "Aoun" does not hesitate to give up a Sunni government to solve the crisis of forming a government. We do not give up the crisis of forming a government from a Sunni ministry, we publish via our new website Saqr News and start with the main news, Lebanese Foreign Minister: Aoun does not give up a Sunni ministry to solve the crisis of forming a government.

Saqr News Lebanese Foreign Minister, Chairman of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, in Lebanon, the existence of a new government revealed the existence of a solution to the remaining node. This was the reluctance of President Michel Aoun to cancel the idea of ​​change in the ministerial portfolios agreed between him and the Prime Minister, in a way that would resolve the crisis that Hezbollah's allies appoint a Sunni member of the political team on 8 March.

Aoun had previously agreed with Hariri to change his presidency within the presidency within the ministerial stake within the new presidency with Hariri, and appoint a Christian minister for the Hariri de Maronite sect.

At a press conference after Hezbollah discussed the appointment of one of them with six Sunni MPs, Bassil stressed that this solution is part of efforts to resolve the failure to form the government, stressing that the president is "not a side of this issue". And this problem is limited on the one hand between Saad Hariri and the Future Movement and on the other hand only six Sunni deputies.

Basil stated that this proposal freed the parties and helped them to reach the solutions and pointed out that his solution would make every effort to reach these solutions. There is a lot of stating that a direct meeting should be held between var crisis parties “. And processed.

Hezbollah's general secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, said the party's allies would come after the Sunni sect of March 8th, allowing the future Movement to form a government ministry against the ministry quota (the largest political representative of the Sunni sect in Lebanon). Saad Hariri adopted by numerous political forces as the bullying force against the party's constitution and the capabilities of the Lebanese state.
In response to Nasrallah, Saad Hariri declared that he rejected this condition by Hezbollah and would not allow him to explain the six Sunni deputies who insisted on the appointment as a i Trojan Horse dil, although he should apologize for not building a government. In order to disrupt the formation of the government under Hezbollah, they acted in the newly formed parliamentary bloc.

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