Sunday , May 22 2022

An error in the bowel causes passwords to be displayed incorrectly


Sultan Al Qahtani did not spend a lot of time leaking Facebook's social network and user data. Today, the user has discovered an uninvited error that has inadvertently displayed his or her passwords.

Instagram bug

A new error has been detected in the new instagram application that recently displayed the user password incorrectly. Here, the social network pointed out that this flaw was occurring due to a problem in the data loader.

Many analysts have argued that such an imbalance could pose a risk to social network users, which could lead to rapid use of user data, as with the View As tool in Facebook.

On the other hand, Facebook said that the user with the user name had encrypted their passwords while using the download tool in the application that sent the password to the link with the text URL.

The password is also stored on the Facebook server, but the company has agreed to update the download feature to erase data and to improve the imbalance, but this problem remains a new problem facing Facebook and exposes users to the problem of data leakage.


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