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With Ovations, the first "Both sides" show – Scene – Culture +


Multimedia projections in Baltic countries, the invisible synergy of different dance types in Latvia and half-dozen dancers on the same stage, the story of "Arena Riga" on the birthday of Latvia cannot be said exactly.

Here is a quick look at the video:

The multimedia dance show is one of the culmination of the century in Latvia – the show will be held on 17, 18 and 19 November. It features a performance that includes music, dance and contemporary technology and tells the story of Latvia. A multimedia dancing performance – choreography, scene design, light mode, television camera work and video projection – visual elements created as a whole. Characterized by the creative team of the project, "Not a lesson in history, a personal experience and an opportunity to become an important part of the show."

The audience can enjoy the spatial illusion that will help to create a specially designed 2000 square meter artistic projection scene.

In total, the number of professional dancers in Latvia on a stage, more than 500 artists representing various types of dance: from professional dances to hip hop dances to professional dances, professional contemporary dance, folk dances and modern dance performances.

"Both sides"

PHOTO: Ilmārs Znotins

"Both sides" – in terms of video projections the Baltic States have not yet reached the level.

Video If we compare the computing volume of the image, in this case, if the average cost of gaming computers is about 1,500 Euros, then we need to do about 10 years of continuous operation to do everything we do on the ız Both sides esine project, karşılaştır explains Maris Kalve, the video projector. (See the interview with Mari Calvi for more information on the video projections in this project).

"On November 18th we created the stage design of the central dance performances." We wanted both parties to feel that the audience was part of the show. So the scene doesn't just end up in the central square of the Arena, but it's going to go beyond its limits, "he says. stage composer is Both sides taraf Didzis Jaunzems.

Music and dance – in the synergy of the spectacular scene

As the crew stressed, the music shows will be as important as the performance of the dancers and the ambitious video projections.

The mood of the game will also be musical, serious, invigorating and exciting – just like a birthday. Considering that one of the main thematic subjects passing through the show is the history of Latvia and hence the history of dance, the history of art and, consequently, the history of music, the music of the show will recognize the edited pieces of Latvian composers' well known compositions. sections or excerpts. (See Reini Siedran and Andri Siedan for more information on musical presentation).

In It wouldn't be wrong to say that dancing as a dance collective sometimes plays a secondary role. There is a passage, families are formed, then the children are born and then the children and grandchildren are dancing. Her Today, the dance show dans Both sides. Choreographer Dace Adviljon tells about the main cultural activity of November 18th. (more about dancing – See interviews with Daci Advillion and ballet soloist Alice Prudani)

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