Friday , September 24 2021

‘Valmiera’ beat ‘Spartaku’ to become the leader of the super league in Latvian football super league

In the Latvian football super league, “Optibet” became the leader of the super league by beating “Valmiera” Jurmala “Spartaku” at home on Saturday.

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Valmiera defeated Spartaku 2:1 (1:1).

Ibrahim Sow and Jibril Gay on the home team and Richard Emeka Freidey on the visitors scored.

The Sovs protested the withdrawal of the shirt he was the victim of.

After 30 minutes, Raimonds Krollis entered the penalty area from the right and was very close to equalizing for the home team, but could not save the shot.

With 45 minutes left, the visitors took a 1 – 1 lead. Oluvatimilehina Abioduna Ogunniji finished with a great scissor kick in the attack from the left wing.

In the 57th minute of the match, “Valmiera” was nominated by Gay. Despite the sharpness at the end of the match and several yellow cards on both sides of the pitch, Valmiera retained the lead.

After this match, “Valmiera” took the first place in the Super League with 44 points in 19 matches, while RFS, which was second with 43 points in 17 matches, became “Riga” in 19 matches with 41 points. Behind the top three with 31 points in 17 games are “Liepāja”, followed by “Daugavpils” with 27 points in 18 games, and “Spartaks” with 24 points in 20 games. “Metta” has 18 points in 20 games, but “Noah Jurmala” is in last place with three points in 28 games.

The people of Valmiera have started the season well, but their final victory on the field was won at home on July 2 by playing “Daugavpils” with 4:0. After that, at the start of the first season of the European Conference League, the Lithuanian team Marijampole “Sūduva” had to give up 1:2 (1:2 and 0:0) in the sum of two matches, but “Noah Jurmala” against Daugavpils in the game 3: 0 victories were celebrated on July 18. After technical loss to opponents.

By the way, after three victories in the last games of the series, Jūrmala players gave up on “Riga” 2: 3 and RFS 1: 2.

Due to warnings, Jūrmala “Spartaka” midfielder Quado Asamooa was unable to attend the match.

This season, both teams won in their mutual matches – “Valmiera” with 2: 0, “Spartax” with 1: 0.

Raimonds Krollis, who was chosen as the best young player of the second round of the league, was the leader of the attack of “Valmiera” with eight goals. Abraham Sow scored five goals and Jibril Gay scored four. Leonel Vamba with seven goals and Richard Emeka Freidey with five goals were the most productive before the match this season in Spartaka standings.

Nine teams started the Premier League season, but during the championship, “Ventspils”, the most titles of the nine teams, first announced their retreat, and then – the scandalous Daugavpils “Noah Jurmala”.

This year’s Premier League champion will be determined in a four-round tournament. Initially, it was reported that the calendar will be designed to be as convenient as possible for football fans. It was also promised that the games would hardly overlap and that the rounds would mostly be played in two to three days.

Live streams of the tournament are available on the Premier League website and on the “” portal and on the “ TV” channel.

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