Thursday , August 11 2022

Truxine and businessman want Krumins to initiate large-scale criminal proceedings against ZZS 'illegal financing – Criminal Messages – News


The information emitted from KNAB suggests that Truksnis was accused not only of the unlawful financing of the party association, but also of the falsification of documents and the use of false documents.

Mr. Krumini is asked to blame a large number of offenses against the unlawful financing of a party union.

The information received from KNAB acknowledged that a Jurmala municipal official would illegally finance large party troops in future municipal elections using Krumins and third parties.

Kr .mi alš issued a large amount of cash from his account and got funding from the party association. He then informed Truksnis Krumini that no donations were received. Krumin contacted "donors" and their agents to inform the municipal authorities of Jurmala, explaining the surnames of the "donor" and the persons involved.

Later, a member of the Board of Directors of the Political Parties Association stated that the party would also attract those who potentially contributed to their own campaigns at the board meeting in relation to the pre-election election campaign in the municipal elections.

Similarly, in this case, KNAB accused Ingrındi Vilkārsi, head of the Trump Office office, of falsifying documents and NSL accusing Mr. Yoren Raitum of fraudulent falsification and accusations, according to the information submitted to LETA.

According to the information provided to the KNAB infografics and the LETA agency, in the spring of 2016, KNAB said that in the spring of 2016, Vilkavsi, who presides over the office of T ,kstys, could not participate in the studies. The employee suggested "stay" and then arranged the travel order and agreed. The employee then officially informed his place of work (ı for reference Çalışan).

It is also understood that Krumins NSL from Infografika spent a few times with the help of intermediaries. In one of these chapters, Kruminas has allocated money to NSW's financier Raith. The separation divided the money received in exchange to the other five parties that transferred money to the party. In the same section Kruminas NSL paid for goods and services. In 2016, the olduğun Personal Nothing ī program revealed that some of the potential intermediaries were Janis Dāvis, farmer Martins Butāns, construction company Krist televizyonne Petruškina, former Latvian television employee Ivars Falks, carpenter Jānis Raudzeps and mobile toilet workers Anri Kurs programtis. The publication also announced that they were all donated to 14,000 NSD or 15,000 euros.

It is observed that KNAB has ordered NSL to pay out unpaid donations to the state budget of 32 534 euros in the criminal case.

Similarly, in this criminal case, KNAB identified other possible administrative violations in respect of the failure of a public official to perform his duties in a conflict of interest situation, failure to comply with the restrictions imposed on the acceptance of special gifts for a public official, inability to have an unauthorized possession of drugs and a public official's declaration. According to the TV3 program "Personal Nothing", LETA reported that the State Police decided to store narcotics as TruNNni's KNAB staff found a cocaine tray near Trukna.

Similarly, according to this criminal case, the State Revenue Service carried out statutory and real person audits and found losses of 478,699 euros to the state budget.

LETA said earlier that KNAB Truksnim had forbidden meeting with the head of Slaughter Brigmani, Krumins and NSL about the ZZS Saeima fraction later. KNAB also forbade Truksnis from visiting the ZZS office.

The ceasefire behind the annoying shelters has recently halted the ZZS 'Latvian Green Party's activities.

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