Tuesday , October 4 2022

The fourth stage of the Latvian Cup “cross-country” will be held at the “Lauma” circuit in Liepaja


The first weekend of October, the previous third stage took place in the Madona area. Two weeks later, it’s time for the next phase this month.

This Saturday, every athlete wishing to participate in this competition is invited to the fourth stage of the Latvian Cup at the Lauma circuit in Liepāja.

All athletes with and without a Covid-19 certificate can participate in the competition. They will continue as before, subject to national restrictions.

Kaspars Ērkulis, head of the enduro commission of the Latvian Motor Sports Federation and the organizer of the competition, said that the “Lauma” circuit will be as usual. There will be no major changes on the track. The configuration will change minimally. “We will also try to find more difficult places. The “cross-country” circle will be formed by the three tracks of the “Lauma” motor park, which will be combined. New locations will also be added that are not currently included in the configuration of these tracks. The track surface is good. It’s nice to drive like this, ”says Kaspars Ērkulis.

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