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This summer, for the first time in the history of the Latvian Academy of Culture, the new actor of the New Riga theater took over. The students of the upcoming artists are now headed by Alvis Hermanis' theater art director. And less than three months after the start of the training, young people made their first productions – "Kalpa boy's summers." Home ".

Author Janis Akuratera's poem about the youth of twelve teenagers is not only a first profession, but also a power test. True, some of the contiguous phenomena of the actor's profession, Hermanis still protects students. And interviews in the media. However, their first audience welcomed their views on the performances of new tales.

In the memory of the Latvian poet and writer Janis Akuraters, the book "Kalpa boy's summer" is a poetic message about the experiences of young people, written by a writer and dating back to Latvia, of nostalgic emotion at the age of 27. "Servant's boyfriend's summer" is director Alwy Harman's father's favorite book, but the director of the book has long encouraged reflection while working abroad.

"Theme, of course, youth! Youth passing through all the meanings. Youth of a person and of Latvia as well as the youth of Latvia"

Alvis Hermanis talks about the show.

Twelve new players from the new Riga Theater will present themselves to the audience during the performance.

The mission of inviting dreamer tables in an empty space with good text accompanied by composer Peter Vaska was to prepare the students for the first year in the first two years.

"There is cleaning now. Of course, there is a lot of work to be done in both the language and the player's mastery. He just waits in the future. But the metaphor of this white page is seen as a promising first step for me." Muktupāvel to.

"The fact that the actors in this show are completely newcomers is definitely the concept," he stresses. Bir Because this ı loss of innocence “is already a story about him. After four years of this show, I couldn't defeat them when they had all kinds of tricks. "

For him, he told his teacher, Anna Eižverti, the teacher of the Latvian Cultural Academy: in First of all, they are very touching to their youth! The first steps they make are good. Each master has its own taste and style. The most valuable thing that seems to me right now is the magic of the bottom part under the text of Akuratera. "

Is In terms of innovation, there are experts and experts that we are no longer experts in, ıs says Alvis Hermanis.

Performance "Kalpa child's summer. Home" is not a one-time student project but a permanent work of the New Riga Theater repertoire, which will begin on November 17th.

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