Sunday , May 22 2022

The day counts! Christian priest announces the end of the world


Once again, foreign media issued a message about the impending end of the world. This time, Christian priest Paul Bégliya's forecasts drew attention, says Express.

The conspiracy theorist and pastor Paul Beagle, who claimed to have information about the upcoming scenarios of the world in the Bible, stated that our days were counted.

The Bible says that the asteroids sweeping the Earth on November 10 this year are a warning of the impending misery. According to him, after the events of the heavens, there are signs of God, pointing to the death of the world.

The pastor also stressed that he did not have to explain how the end of the world would take place, his duty being to warn him completely, he said, "Express."

It should be reminded that NASA's asteroid researchers have previously said that a few astronomers will miss the Earth last weekend.

True, this is not the first time the danger, but as close as possible, and the end of the world. Three days ago, a portal reported that there was new evidence that the end of the world was too close.

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