Sunday , October 17 2021

Speed ​​Tribe Challenge: Finance Minister and President of the Bank at Rally Duel


"Delfi" in collaboration with LMT Hi-Tech "Tribe Speed" program "Leave!" Two key financiers – the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia Dana Reizniece-Ozola (ZZS) and the Bank's Chief Executive Officer Guntis Beavavis competed in the rally confrontation for the show.

Gunti Be ediyavski and Dan Reiznieci-Ozoli acknowledge that not only financially – but also their first accident shortly after their driver's license. Although the Minister of Finance recently expedited to sit in the car, this process is always enjoyed by him as meditation with good music in the hall. Objections to gravel roads, because the first collision took place there.

Also, Belavskis feels right at the wheel and does not oppose longer trips. The distance from Riga to Daugavpils returned to him. It strengthens your skills at the wheel of a motorcycle, which makes it easier to feel the way and improve the reaction speed.

Before you start pushing "333" in the special "Iedo" race! "In both rallies, Rina Nitti and Rina Nitti, the world-class rider, crossed the rally with intense training. You'll be impressed by the incredible glamor of the gossip players, but with a wide smile on the face.

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