Thursday , September 29 2022

Scientists: The mysterious interstellar asteroid could have been artificially created – Space – Science


Astronomers looked for this strange area called Oumaamua, and although they left our solar system for a long time, they are still trying to solve mysterious asteroids.

For example, it is a fact that does not give peace to astronomers now: Oumumaux grew faster when it came out of our solar system. These comets are not comets, because comets often behave like it – at lower or higher speeds, the gases emitted from their surface are shaken forwards. However, it was later discovered that Oumuamua was not a comet. So who moved faster?

In a recent study, researchers judge that it may be Sunlight. In other words, a group of Harvard University astronomers estimated that this asteroid was large enough to be large and thin enough to serve as a sun sail. As a result, astronomers have a legitimate suspicion created by someone intentionally.

However, although the concept of Solar Sailing was not a novelty, now only scientists began to try this concept. Einstein's theory of relativity confirms that light has a driving force that can be used by satellites with a specific sail similar to wind use by the sea.

Does Oumaamua have a sailboat? Harvard researchers believe that this is possible, but it is known that such an asteroid should be very large and thin (less than a millimeter).

Probably the guest in our solar system was not that thin, but it was not clear, because it was impossible to accurately determine its thickness.

The study also examines the possibility of this asteroid being artificially created by aliens. True, scientists are quite skeptical about this idea.

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