Friday , May 20 2022

Photo: New generation BMW X5 arrives in Latvia


The new, fourth-generation BMW X5 (G05 – Factory Directory) introduces new solutions to the unique character of the BMW X family, the latest technology and innovations that turn it into elegance and luxury, while the upgraded saloon offers new solutions. President.

Just a little over a month ago, the new BMW X5 was presented at the Paris International Auto Show, and now the new model will arrive in Latvia and will start selling on November 24th.

This year, BMW presented several "X" family models, marking a common trend, a major turning point in the production of a BMW car. "These models reveal BMW's vision of a modern car – comfortable and comfortable with both the driver and the driver, equipped with the latest technology for safety and functionality, both from the outside and from the cab," explains Norvelis.

Last year, the BMW X5 (F15) became the) premium (SUV category leader in Europe after the number of cars sold. The Bavarian carmaker's most recent masterpiece is already convincing to the world car market.

Esi For media and stakeholders today, the 333 sports complex was a special opportunity for the power of the new power transmission ün on the track, in the terrain and on the safe driving range – for the first time,. Says Norvelis. In addition to the new BMW X5, the X2 and X4 and the 600 horsepower M5 sedan were also on the track.

It is important to equip the latest generation with the new BMW management system "7.0", making automatic functions easier and more intuitive. This can be done with a touch screen and gestures and a special emphasis on voice control.

The BMW X5 also achieved new shapes: 3.6 cm longer, 6.6 cm wider and 1.9 cm longer. Similarly, the X-family will offer a newly developed, especially improved driving experience. The standard kit includes xDrive all-wheel drive, electrically adjustable seats, LED lighting and BMW Live Cockpit Professional.

In order to avoid the excitement of enjoying trips, the upgraded package includes the xOffroad package, which is the four driving modes xSand, xGravel, xRock, xSnow.

The Panasonic Sun Lounge Sky Lounge also features the Ambient Air package, a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system, and other accents, as well as the interior and interior details of the car.

The new vehicle enhances brand-specific functionality, especially on long trips. The new model luggage compartment capacity is 645 liters, which can be extended to 1,860 liters by folding the rear seat backrests. For easier loading and unloading, the upper and lower parts of the luggage compartment door can be opened and closed fully electronically. With access to "comfort", only the movement of the foot behind the rear bumper is required.

On the other hand, the more upscale families will appreciate that the BMW X5 can be equipped with a third row of seats at an extra cost, and thus has seven seats.

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