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PHOTO: Baltic and Polish leading e-commerce companies will join forces


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"Pigu group" store.

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The two largest e-commerce companies – the largest e-commerce market participant in the Baltic States – have also joined forces with the Pigu Group, which also includes the and Pig Online Sales Leader

Both companies have become one of the largest e-commerce groups in Central and Eastern Europe after obtaining permission from the Competition Board for further mergers. The main advantages of our customers are the wide range of products and lower prices than ever before.

The new partnership is based on cooperation. Pigu and Morele Group companies will strengthen their position by sharing knowledge and good practices in marketing, logistics, business operations and business automation.

"Pigu Group" President Dainius Liulis emphasizes that customers will feel the benefits of this new collaboration for the first time.

According to him, Morele is the leader of the e-commerce industry in Poland and offers about 1 million IT and electronic products to its customers. By joining Pigu and partner supply chains, you will be able to expand your product range first.

Ağ We'll probably offer our customers the widest range of products and the best prices in Central and Eastern Europe,. Says D. Liulis.

Cooperation with the Polish company will make the entire Piga Group grow even faster. In the 9 months of this year, the d Pigu group fazla grew more than in the same period last year, and was larger than retail sales in Latvia as a whole.

Last November, when Pigu launched a Christmas sales campaign, half a million people visited the company's e-shop within a week. This year, the online site had as many visitors as the autumn when customers were preparing for the new school year.

D. We can say that the number of customers visiting the site is more than half of the residents of Riga.

Pigu and Morele's annual total turnover is expected to reach 1 billion euros in the next five years. It will invest 13 million euros to finance business growth, integration and development of IT systems, and other collaborative projects.

The merger plan foresees that both companies will continue to operate as a separate entity, but they will be shareholders of the newly formed holding. Morele and Pigu show a very dynamic growth in terms of both revenue and products.

Macijs Kovalskis, the leading investor of Polish private equity firm MCI Capital S.A., and partner of Morele Maciejs Kowalski, pointed out that companies are leaders in their markets thanks to an effective strategy.

De The further growth of both companies is possible not only by natural development, but also by successfully combining the market. Our goal is to make the newly established cooperation a platform for consolidation of units in other regions in the near future, gelecekte says Kovalevsky.

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"" in Lithuania and "" in Lithuania and "Pigu group", the owner of the online store "" in Estonia, the largest e-commerce market in the Baltic countries player.

Since 2015, the PIGA Group has been managed by one of the largest private equity investment companies in Central and Eastern Europe MCI. This is the first and only Lithuanian company to be among the 5 fastest growing Central European technology companies for three consecutive years.

Related Articles is the leader in the Polish e-commerce market for the distribution of IT and consumer electronics. The company was founded in 2000. At present, the company offers more than 1 million products and is the largest online electronics store in Poland.

Since 2011, the Morele Group has been headed by one of the largest private equity investment companies in Central and Eastern Europe MCI.

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