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On November 14, the Riga Central Market advises on the risks of diabetes


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Latvian Diabetes Federation (LDF) celebrates World Diabetes Day this year on November 14th, the people of Centrāltirgus iela 3, k-3, Riga from 14.00 to 17.00 in the Central Market Stem in Riga He invites us to an informative event in the pavilion. During the event, you will be able to consult with your experts, determine your cholesterol free of charge and receive coupons for free sugar control.

The event will include counseling by a physician-endocrinologist and nutritionist about diabetes prevention and treatment, healthy eating and physical activity. Anyone interested can identify the cholesterol level free of charge and receive a coupon for blood glucose testing.

"This year is the topic of World Diabetes Day" Diabetes and Family. "There are more than ninety thousand diabetic patients in Latvia, and many families are affected by this condition. Diabetes diagnosis not only causes the patient to change his / her relatives on a daily basis, but also brings many new challenges. and we want to emphasize the vital role of families in the prevention, "says Indra Štelmane, head of the LDF endocrinologist.

"In addition, statistics show that every second adult patient doesn't know it is diabetes. Therefore, we encourage everyone to regularly check their health and identify their diabetes risk and encourage family members to be tested!"

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In contrast, the Latvian Children and Teenagers Diabetes Association, this year will take place on November 17th, Kalnciems quarter market, Kalnciema Street 35, Riga, 10.00-16.00 "Diabetes Discovery – Save lives!" Invites you to the event. During this time you will have access to nutritionist advice, taste of natural sweeteners and a creative retro reflector workshop.

The worldwide prevalence of diabetes is increasing every year, and doctors are reminded that diabetes can be prevented or delayed by eating habits and physical activity up to 80%. Learn more about diabetes prevention and treatment at

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