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New companies, safety standards and profits – Zolitasıdes Maxima construction / Article / LSM.LV related companies

The companies involved in the collapse of Maxima's warehouse building in Zolitude rejected links to the tragedy. Some company owners set up new businesses, builders brought new safety standards, but Maxima chain retailers made a profit.


The collapsed store building was designed by the architect firm "Kubs". Architect Andris Kalinka is a board member of "Cuba" about the tragedy of Zolit in the bank of the Defendant. The architect's revenue came down sharply after the tragedy, but at the same address the BB studio studio appeared. The owner is Kalinko's sister's daughter.

The "BB studio" has consistently exceeded 200,000 euros per year in recent years.

The "BB studios" team consists of the Kalinku family of architects. The company also contributes to the work of "Kubs". Andris Kalinka is listed as "Project Manager" in "BB Studio".

HND Group

It's so easy to watch that Ivars Sergeta is running. Sergeta company HND Group has developed the construction of the collapsed Zolitazdes store "Maxima". The company did not generate income in the last few years, had a tax debt of around € 90,000 and the bankruptcy was launched this year.

DeFacto's LTV program, like architect Kalinkas, revealed that a new company was registered following the name of the building designer, Sergeta.

Enwo is the owner of the design company Sergeta & # 39; s. However, the turnover has fallen and tax debts have increased. Sergets is currently running an engineer with a small "WBS" turnover. The board member is also a Sergeta lawyer.


The building was then built by the leading construction companies "RE & RE". The supermarket "Maxima" building in Priedaines Street has previously received industry recognition. Shortly before the collapse of the "Maxima" building, RE & RE celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Riga city presented a festival, but the team team mentioned the core values ​​for excellence, safety, sustainability and ethics.

RE & RE construction volumes:

2013: € 97,657,384 (Zolitude Tragedy)

2014: 57 757 968 ​​Euro

2015 35 445 564 Euro

2016 12 543 889 Euro

2017 9 294 410 Euro

Now, RE & RE managers, Ainārs Pauniedš and Didzis Putnins, believe that the tragedy will probably be eliminated if the civil engineers themselves have taken their own initiative by then.

However, such a task was not imposed at the time or at the moment, the law could not be imposed by the production company.

After the event, the company introduced new principles:

RE & RE currently carries out double security checks in the construction projects that RE & RE provides. This means that we are examining parts of the project that are not the responsibility of the producers. In practice, such tests are valuable and provide additional security that helps prevent errors, indicating business owners.

But this company is building less. One year after the tragedy, the construction was 57.7 million euros, but last year – only 9 million euros.

RE & RE is currently confirming that it has optimized its core business and is now engaged in consultancy as well as real estate development and management. Meanwhile, "RERE Group" indicators, which emerged a year after the tragedy, rose sharply. Business representatives emphasize that they plan to avoid commitments.

"RERE Group" is a closed joint stock company, its owners are the leading employees of the company and investors – there are no more open ones. The first founders of RE & RE are Pauni Putš and Putni Paš. The Group has three subsidiaries. The group is not directly related to RE & RE, which has led to the collapse of the Maxima store.

GEREI ABBOLTINS-ABOLINIS, Chairman of the RERE Group, said: bir This new beginning has enabled RERE Group to build on completely different principles, with a new modern management model and, of course, all the goods of the previous company. staff, competence and, of course, the highly caring training we have experienced. "

After the tragedy "RE & RE" paid 140,000 euros to support the victims and their relatives. The company also offered assistance with a storage training for rescue teams, but this plan was not implemented.

While most of the civil action against the company is withdrawn, the company does not comment on what happened in criminal cases.


Legally, the tenant of the building "Maxima Latvija" blames those who think that the alarm and collapse of the building is unreliable.

However, the shop network paid the victims and victims of the victim over 9 million euros, including a monthly allowance for children who lost one or two parents of the victim. Interviews are ongoing with people who have not lost their relatives or have been injured but whose morale has deteriorated.

"We will make a commitment that we will make a commitment to the representatives of the victims, of course, the victims themselves have not decided, joined or joined."

This offer is exactly what it is, it does not appear.

The management of Maxima insists that the collapse of the building forced the company to revise its principles, including checking the technical condition of the store buildings.

. We have a certified civil engineer in the state, regardless of what the designer has given us, whether we accept the calculations and whether it is safe for us to have these solutions, inşaat says Andris Vilcmeiers.

The tragedy of the position of Maxima Latvija on the market was not damaged. A few years after the collapse of the store, the company experienced a significant decline in its profits, but last year the store network won a record of 23 million euros. The store also goes into the list of favorite brands every year.

Homburg Zolitude

The developer of the company complex Priedaines Street, named "Homburg Zolitude", respectively, now have "just on paper" to complete court proceedings. The new building next to the broken store confiscated the bank last year and sold less than 4m euros to the company "Prana Property" in the auction. But now more than a thousand people are trying to save the Riga City Council.

Homburg Zolitude did not pay compensation to the victims.

Homburg Zolitude spokesman R yatırımta Grikmane said, "This is an investor who invests funds by hiring companies to realize their architectural outlook, construction, etc." Said.

He is the founder of Homburg Zolitude and has hundreds of people, including Homburg Estern Europe and retirees in the Netherlands. Housing and shops in Zolitude should have been one of several fund projects. After the collapse of the store, all projects were stopped by the Netherlands.

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