Tuesday , May 17 2022

Latvian-Argentine Agreement on Cultural Cooperation – Cinema – Culture +


The agreement will facilitate the establishment of direct contact and co-operation between the cultural institutions of the two countries and the audiovisual sector as well as the cooperation in all cultural and artistic fields. The Treaty participates in cultural exchanges and cultural events, including international cultural events in both countries.

The agreement provides the cooperation between the archives, museums, libraries and cultural heritage protection organizations of both countries.

So far, the cooperation of the Latvian cultural sector with Argentina and its representatives has passed considerably – the Argentinean directors have collaborated with the theater festival. Homo Novus The producers (in 2007 Mariano Pensotti), the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, performed the ballet monophonic (choreographer Maurisio Vainrots) in 2009, participated in individual groups and artists at the music and ballet festivals in Latvia. The Latvian artist Kaspars Lielgalvis participated in the 2008 exhibition in Argentina.

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