Saturday , January 23 2021

IOC is disappointed by Calgary's reluctance to host the Olympic Games – Other Sports – Sports

Calgary residents reportedly voted in favor of the 2026 Olympics in a referendum on Tuesday. The results have not yet been officially announced, but this is just a formality.

The SOK announced on Wednesday that it has taken into consideration the views expressed by the people of Calgary.

"It is true that such a conclusion is not surprising to us, given the political debate and the recent uncertainties in this regard," he says. "We also understand the disappointments of all Calgary candidates as a result of the referendum and the frustrations of Canadian athletes because they were the main driving force behind this idea."

"Sports, social and other long-term gains of discussions is a disappointment that the referendum vote has not changed," he says.

The size and funding of the Olympic Games are the main concerns regarding the Calgary candidacy as a criterion. Opponents of the Olympics emphasized that the four-year-old winter sports forum was very expensive and the plan was not very detailed.

True, the proponents of this idea say that Calgary is home to the Olympic Games and that some existing structures can be used, and vice versa.

The referendums are expected to withdraw from the struggle for the 2026 Olympic Games, although it does not automatically lead to the abandonment of Kalgari.

The city of Calgary has released 304,774 votes; while 171,750 (56.4%) were 132.832 (43.6%) against the four-fold main forum.

The IOC's 2026 Olympic House was elected in June next year. The Olympics, Milan and Cortina, who are currently participating in the application, were nominated for the Olympics in Sweden, as well as Sweden, which wanted to take part in the Sigulda luge route, as well as Ampeco.

True, Sweden is still confused about the candidacy.

Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, and in 2010, this year's Olympics took place in another Canadian city in Vancouver.

From South Korea, Phyongchang's four-year big forum at this year's Winter Olympics house is just two rivals – Munich (Germany) and Ansse (France), while Beijing's capital Beijing is just another won the war for the right to host with the city – Almaty from Kazakhstan.

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