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Increasing Medicare Fees is a Political Decision. / Article / LSM.LV

Health Minister Anda Chaksa (Union of Green and Farmers (ZZS)) said the increase in medical salaries was a political decision issue at a meeting with the Emergency Medical Assistance Service (NMPD) on Tuesday (November 13th).

Chaksa NMPD staff said that in 2017 the doctor's gross salary would be 1238 euros, this year – 1,489 euros and will be raised to 1786 euros next year. In contrast, the physician's assistant will reach the € 1203 next year with a gross salary of 1003 euros this year. In response to criticism of NMPD staff not receiving a salary, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dalay Menrmane-Umbraško acknowledged that it was in the average salary sector, while the NMPD still did not change the procedure determining the lowest and highest pay rates.

However, this salary increase is not guaranteed. Chaksa, as a retired minister, has agreed that he can offer a lot to the medics, but will decide on next government fees. Wage increases were included in the new government's law "to enter and place the basic budget". In addition, the next president of the Ministry of Health will be aware of the need to increase medical salaries, but this will be a ı political decision issue ol adopted by Chaksa.

Answering the questions of the NMPD staff: What is happening in this situation, Chaksa acknowledged that the ongoing crisis is too big and that the service personnel should apply for pledge to the next industry management. The Health Minister recalled that the winning political forces in 13. Saeima pledged to improve the working conditions of the health sector and called for the NMPD staff to continue to defend their rights.

Chaksa met with the NMPD on Tuesday. During the interviews, emergency situations were discussed in service and personnel issues related to wages, insurance and security during working hours. The NMPD employees stressed that the State Police and the State Fire Fighting and Rescue Service (VUGD) had operational status but not an la ambulance NM. As a result, employees are less protected against attacks during working hours.


Last week – November 9th – (NMPD) announces emergency medical service in Riga's regional center. This is because 15 people have filed a petition for several days. The medics asked for a crisis board meeting during the week, but the prime minister decided not to do so and asked the health minister for explanation.

An emergency means that the service can reject calls that do not jeopardize human life and health. Such calls can be minor injuries, high temperatures, a little high blood pressure. The NMPD estimates that next year's wage hike will require around eight million euros per year and four million more for the overtime pay.

In order to improve the situation, NMPD, which organizes an emergency medical condition due to the discomfort of workers in the regional center of Riga, can expand general practitioners with specialist doctors who can lead NMPD teams. The Latvian Association of Emergency Medical Professionals criticizes the idea that service quality will decrease.

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