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Inara Kolma ;a & # 39; s feature film called "Bille" & # 39; & # 39; Great Kristaps & # 39; •

"Grand Kristaps" ceremony on 12 November at Splendid Palace. Introduction Photo: Gints Ivuškāns

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cinema The majestic palace The National Cinema Awards will be honored on 12 November. Great Kristaps winners. Award for the best feature film Bill The director received Inara Kolmane and the creator of the group.

Filmmakers Jānis Juēvičs, Marta Romanova-Jņēkabsone, was studio nine co-producers Studio 2 Lithuania & # 39; from Main film, Magic Lab From the Czech Republic. According to Signe Valtina, the director of communications for the National Cinematography Library, the jury rewards the work of the film crew and creates Ulusal a combination of various cinematographers describing the vision of the talented child Ulusal.

Mikhail Savos and Abram Kleckin received awards for their lifetime contribution to film art. This year's best player, Elita K alavi Ela, starred in the film. Riga. Dub 1, best actor – about participation in the tape Vilis Daudzins Lips with foam.

Best full documentary Time bridgesDirector Kristulne Briede and Audrius Stonis, producer Uldis īkulis. The tape was created in the studio VFS Movies, co-producer Studio Nominum From Lithuania and Lithuania Vesilind Estonia & # 39; from. The rationale for the award of the award: The creators of the film, using their approach to cinematic thinking, place each master in the context of the Baltic documentary, respecting their performances.

The best short film Electrician's Daydirector and producer Vladimir Leschov, Lunohod. Fundamentals for the jury: The cinematographic universe was created with a compelling ability that the director's aesthetic and aesthetic narratives covered the whole world in an electrical charge. Leschov also received the Best Director of the animated film.

Best first film – Man and dahliaGuntis Bojars, directed by Matass Kaža Deep Sea Studios. The justification of the jury: With the prism of the hero, generations separated from the trauma of lack of love, communication failure, is perceived with precision.

Best Screenwriter – Oscar Rupenheits on the basis of the film Criminal Excellence foundation. The film also received an award for audience sympathy after the vote on the portal. Delphi. Andris Daugavi birš received an award for the best role of the second plan for his work in cinema.

The jury received the special award for his screenplay, Kristin Želvei. The trip to Mary. Reason: The mastery of the unique use of archived material visualizes the elapsed time. Band awards received FIPRESCI and newspaper One day, magazine Up to Donna, printing KDi. Producer Elvita Ruka, Vivat!.

Generous Award Festive Films Father of the Night creative group Dāvis Simanis received the best direction of the film, the best film director of Andrejs Rudzats, Ilze Blauberga – the second best player in the second plan Kristine Jurjane – the best artist.

Various awards were given in the documentary film result. Ivars Seleckis, winner of the best documentary film award, received Valdis Celmi Ivš, the best documentary film operator. Andra Doršs is the best assistant director.

Best Costume Designer Liene Rolstein, Movie Homo Novus. Belt received The house of Riga Award as the most featured film. Director Anna Viduleja, producer Ivo Ceplevič, Janis Kal Vidjs, Movie Angels Productions.

Two film awards Night walks – The best animated artist Lizete Up seste and the best sound director. The best makeup artist – Beata Rjabovska, ribbon White tribes. Latest Gentiles of Europe. Best composer – Vestards Šimkus compositions with ribbons Breathe in the marble. Best student film Viesturs coming from the Kairišs forestWas directed by Marta Elīna Martinsone, the Cultural Academy of Latvia.

The films and professionals nominated for the National Film Award were evaluated by an international jury with a PhD. D. Juris Civian from the USA and Hollywood actor Rutan Alda, film director. Elūna Reiter from Germany, director of the Riga International Film Festival (IFF), Sonora Broka, director Viesturs Kairis, filmmaker Linda Krīkle, etc.

National Film Award Great Kristaps The Association of Cinematographers of Latvia sponsors municipal and private companies in cooperation with the National Cinema Center and the Ministry of Culture.

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