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I learned to go – Interview with Mairi Briedis


Fighting Miriam was a great struggle against Mikaeljan because he had to live with pain both in the blows and when he took them. However, he was able to win after the points 116: 110, 115: 111, 114: 112. True, after the fight, many did not consider this assessment fair, but the result did not change – the dead fell to the WBSS Semi-finals and won the World Bowl Council (WBC) diamond belt. Briedim's next rival is Police Kiswofs Glowackis.

This struggle is just one of the current topics in which Deer has been involved in the past year. In the summer, he stopped working with Alu Siste or Albert Hecuturov, who then attempted a brutal repression campaign. In his address with the portal "Delfi", Deer recounted the past struggle, the hardships he experienced, the scandals and the near and far future.

Damaged hands, broken nose and bumpy eardrum

How long after a fight should usually be fully restored from all seizures?

Depends on what the fight is. Scratches will heal in two days. After this fight, although there is no problem, the back burns more.

This kind of "dirty" beat this time against Mikaeljan.

Yes, the ring judge was very familiar and tried to fight with Mike Taison (Guardalupe Garcia). This time, some explanations were not made when it should be. As are. He was deprived of it once, but at that moment he thought perhaps the task had been completed. That's why he could run.

Did you find out why this fight is so severe?

I plan to stick with my left hand before a fight because my right hand was broken. After these bone operations requiring bone graft, rehabilitation should last six months. A month later, I began to shred this hand. I sent a video to my doctor, and he said it's not possible. We drank things like beetroot glands from different parts of the world, and we did a variety of procedures to improve our hand. The saddle is as much as the root. I did Sparing sessions with one hand, there was a lot of emphasis in my left hand, but in the third week I had a good thing in my left hand. The hand in a front is divided into hips on the other side. And everything. I can't turn more, I can't turn my right hand, now it's the same as the left.. Even before that, I was beating his eardrums, so I couldn't go to the pool and I couldn't "stretch" his lungs. We tried to change something, but there's nothing better than a pool, because it can relax and clean the lungs. That's why I've got a bit of a breath. Then I broke my nose last weekend. I mean, "Wow, what is that?" Blood was always working. As you can see, the "cutman" worked very well because the blood in the war was running less. All this was a great challenge for me and my team.

Given all these conditions, wasn't it safe to boot?

In principle, it would be better not to start and postpone the fight, and a few months later, it would be better if the traumas worsened and climbed into a circle. The eardrum and nose were not severely injured, but our injured elbow took more than we prepared. Since it was a boxing supermarket, I would be ready to occupy my place. You have a chance to survive – if you can't, be free and keep walking. Stand up – with a small boxer from Latvia after a boxer, we could see that no one was commercially good and what happened with Russian boxers in the first super season – it was impossible to talk about a serious fight with all their major markets because all the cream was on the tournament, so that you can stay without a supersex it meant losing more than a skipped fight. I drove, where I was and what the box was. I learned to stick without hands. It's possible that someone says they're booking, but that's a fact. Of course, we had a fight before saying everything was good. We knew the opponent had a big ear because there are people around him. I understand that fans may have questions about performance, but you should give your opponent the advantage of fighting before you can tell your opponent that you need to fight a boxer who can't really hit you with one hand.

He knew I had problems with the ribs before. At one point in the fight, he started to "throw" the ribs, but we blocked them with Marek (Osovski). We also put the balls in place and secure, so we don't break the bar. At least this has been fixed.

Everything went wrong before the fight went wrong.

Yeah, I don't even want to think about what's going on. This was the hardest part of my career this year. I was also connected to Russia with one hand. I hit him with the right hand and he started hurting me. Probably the boxing experts have noticed how the right hand pulse trajectory, accuracy and accuracy has changed – the strike is no longer like a stitch with a spear, but now just add a spot. Once upon a time, the dominant hand was in my solitary – and Chel and the others were massacred by his right hand.

Oh, my God, everything's strengthened now. The right hand bone is healed, now all the tissues are strengthened. Then you can fight again.

At which point are you seriously injured by the right arm? Fighting with Oleksandr Usik?

No, it was a long time ago. Obviously, these problems began with the struggle with Marko Hunter, and then it was no worse, the dog bent over, should now try to fix it. The hand is healed, now everything has to be strengthened. This must be enough time.

Going back to your own fight, did Mikaeljans impress you with something?

I always hit it with the fact that it always hit. I sat there for a moment because I didn't understand why I always beat those strokes. However, my health. The wallet has a vestibular apparatus which is very important for movements and daily work.

I didn't have the speed of this hand, it was a feeling of freedom, because I knew I wouldn't hit me, it hurt me. Not because I hit it, but because I'm in situ. I was always nervous, energy, freedom and reaction. After the shooting I stood up and could have turned me around.

It seemed to be out of reach for them, because Mikaeljans kept the distance.

He kept the distance and I was far away. I was just moving back and forth, but it was also necessary on the side. I'm at the helm, she started and there's a lot of distance between us. Therefore, the attacks had to be done again from the beginning.

You probably influenced her in your fight behavior, because Mikaeljans expected you to be more and more of an invader.

I was probably impressed by him. The most important thing for me was to hit me instead. This could have earned points, but I had nothing to fly. It's like playing drums without cubes.

I learned to go - Interview with Mairi Briedis

Photo: World Boxing Super Series

In the light of all these circumstances, what were the feelings after the fight?

The first senses were that I had to do everything faster, so I grew up to do what I could. Now I feel like I'm fighting with my bound hands. You know, like in a dream – you want to run fast, but it won't, and things are going very slowly. Now you have the feeling of having this dream. I know, quickly, freely, technically, I can firmly boot, but everything was slow, with difficulty and solemnity. Wake up and you really have to start.

This is the saddest thing I've done with abnormal work, two hours a day, two hours a day. Then there's an accident – try to keep the pain in pain, ultrasounds, massage. Massage with one hand, make it work faster by squeezing the scar tissue and massage it suddenly and it will damage your other hand. I don't know how coaches are feeling, but I'm so scared.

How serious is the psychological shock of this trauma? Before that, you couldn't imagine getting hurt in this way.

Psychologically, of course it was hard, but this sport is not easy. If I can't handle it, then I wouldn't be here. Now the most important thing for me is to show good performance again, to please the fans who gave me too much emotional power to overcome these good words and courage.

What were the emotions while waiting for the judge's decision after the fight?

From the judges, WBC, WBO and Illinois, Americans had tremendous experience in world championship wrestling, high-profile specialists. I haven't seen the fight yet. Such a fight was unacceptable to me because I can't boot. Can not be connected with mixed arms. Physically I felt good, I would be ready to take another five laps, but everything that was in preparation was very difficult.

Following the announcement of the results, many experts published their records and shared their results, including the effective ESPN representatives. This type of criticism has not yet opposed you.

No, that wasn't the case. Critics are motivating me to do my job. The discussion of the majority of this struggle with all possible opinions by both experts and fans shows that people are not indifferent to me. A star helps to avoid disease.

Is he coming back from Ring to Chicago in Riga?

What was the everyday life of Chicago? I heard you had some food problems there.

Yeah, for the first four days we were all taken from a stomachache. There was food. For example, eggs are made of powder. I was eating her and I felt like a brick in the stomach. We got some rice and porridge. Then we found good Mexican cuisine and these sharp foods gave the stomach a momentum. Problems are gone. In the evening, Mareks was getting ready for us, so he bought a highly pressurized boiler. He said he never cooked it before, but it was delicious.

I didn't especially travel around the city, but the supermarket took us to one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, we had a photo session on the 103th floor. I'm sitting in a room, I went to work in the morning, then I ate and slept, then I'm training again. It took me ten days for a month. Then I realized the prison was busy.

Compared to "Arena Riga", then what was the arena there?

Nothing even to compare – the difference seemed to be a day to night. In Riga, the arena is young, the dressing rooms are much more comfortable. For example, it was a real arena in the fight against Mike Peres, where ticket prices weren't so bad. The emotions that prevailed there could not be described. In general, the fight was psychologically difficult because I knew it could hit hard. He disabled his Russian boxers. I remember thinking: "Stupid, I have five children, I will take care of them, why did I need this?" When I got there, it was a feeling that I gathered many electrodes and everything with maximum power. His emotions were always the ants flying on the body. Therefore, I am ready to give up the last forces to gain victory and to give enthusiasm to the people.

What should be done for the next fight in Riga Arena?

I cannot influence him in any way but he may be affected by Zauerlands. It seems to me that I am more inclined to fight in Riga. I think there will be no fighting in Poland. The people are more than the market, but the atmosphere of Latvia's fans seems not.

However, after the Chicago supermarket, it is time to organize such an atmosphere to fight in Riga.

Hundreds of Levians push me forward. There were not many people in reality. There was a fight there, because the supermarket sold a lot of money for broadcasting rights for American television and set a series of measures for them, as it had to be organized in the United States. I understand that America needs to live, there is a need to work on publicity, then it can be something, but it should be done either from the beginning of the career or for several years. I will stay in Latvia because I have a lot to do here.

Coaches, promoters and media

Some time ago, a foreign coach was talking to you. Do you still want to do this?

I've already taken a coach from Ukraine. I compared it to Dmitry, and of course each coach has its own professionals. Any coach needs time to see the fruits. Usually about half a year. Same as your bread. Right now, this tomato doesn't grow. It should be cut, well-worn, and only then grows. Coach must understand me, understand what you want. We have detected too many errors, but something fix it in a practice, but nothing in a fight. Therefore, this result will come with the coach Dmitry Shiholaju and Viktor Yaroshchuk. I am now pleased with the quality of the work of the coaches, everything is organized at the highest level.

What did Shoholay say about this fight?

He had already said that it would be the toughest fight, since I returned without being injured and warned that it would not be psychologically easy. We knew it was going to be hard, but then it was all over three.

The fight against Glovac will be important for both me and my team and the Latvians. The most important thing is to prepare well. Trainer Dmitry has already said that the entire program is coming together. He couldn't go to Chicago for his own reasons. Already found profitable partners. This kind of attitude was missing from the coaches to burn my eyes. Of course I have to do that, that's the most important thing.

If you talk about coaches, your former coach Sandis Klein has also stated that your attitude towards coaching is the reason for stopping coaching. What is your point of view?

He's the one we work with and work with. It wasn't nice to read it because I've always had a strong personality with a variety of points of view, which I've always been in the team, and that creates this team as one of the world's strongest. Maybe I made a mistake, but I explained why. He only saw his version. I taught him what should happen in the family. So I don't want to comment anymore. It was pleasant and painful.

I don't say anything about the professional field because we've worked hard and the collaboration was great. He chose his own way. It was painful for me to leave Vasily Chernihiv who had been training me for 14 years. His contribution to the technical part was tremendous. These are the fruits of his, this is the tree he grew up to yield. He was creative, gave him a non-standard technique and was at my father's place, but he probably wouldn't be that far away. Sandis can give me physical fitness.

If Sandis and Chernihiv could live together it would be the ideal option. They were like dogs with cats and couldn't live together. Sandi gave me physical fitness, Chernihiv would give me a technique – it would be a "bomb." Chari had already been hit with it, the previous opponents also "fell". I got everything positive from each of them.

After he stopped working with Aloe Sist, he ran a complete campaign against you. What exactly happened in this case?

Albert was my first practice and also had the first experience working with a boxer, so you can tell me that the plants are together. But he did something so ugly that he was deciphered. In such an event, no athlete or self-respecting person will ever work on such events. It was very painful for me, because I had opened this man, I put everything in my family, and I did everything that was my conscience, but after the divorce he trusted me with a broth bucket. I don't even want to talk about him anymore, because I think that this man has opposed me as much as possible – firstly with a stitch on his back and then with the public expressions below.

I don't like the fact that everything he says is reading kids. I think adults understand what's really going on there. In such cases, it is necessary to act in order not to disturb me and the people of Raimondu (Zepu) and everyone who is open to everyone. We could talk to each other, but we didn't have to do it publicly. All of this was still carefully handled in one of the media – "", so I asked them to go out of open training, though not journalists.

I learned to go - Interview with Mairi Briedis

Photo by DELFI

However, you have decided not to put these media representatives in your training.

I'm a person, before the fight with all the traumas and other negative events, tired, angry and full of emotion, I must understand. After that, we talked to the editor of "" to meet and talk, so we can squeeze and forget your arms. They said they thought the articles in the article would be bigger. In my opinion, crap or such information should not be a scandal. Normal people should not be satisfied with other failures. I believe the scene should be a breakthrough. There's only flies in the pig's pit. I'm comparing – there are two types of people – crap flies and bees. Only the shit is hiding from your whistle, but you bite the flowers around you. Bite is very hard working, doing its job and adding value to bees.

I know this site read a lot of young people, but I put a video there, three-dimensional names after every three words.

In these videos, there was a lot of criticism in your direction. One of the things that changed you.

I'm gonna be in the box for 20 years now. I keep moving forward to bring the red-and-white flag. If I was going to force this, then I wouldn't. I can't suddenly change. Ask for my team, not for those who leave their team. When stress occurs, I can change before competition. Marek says that Mairis is only once. This means that testosterone and hormones work in the right direction. After that, I remain fraudulent and calm.

Then you can come to the conclusion that your life hasn't changed significantly in collaboration with the changing promoter and Sauerland Promotions.

In principle nothing remained the same. We only work with this sponsor. Not when we met parents. All this scandal gave me the future as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, everyone may not be too close to everyone.

Partly because of the fans, I signed an agreement with Sauerland, and I can say that I was in the supermarket for the second season, because if it weren't for a fantastic battle at the Arena Arena, I wouldn't be close to what I had now. Many thanks for them!

More close and future

Will the next competing Ksistof Glovack? Did his battle with Maksim Vlasov come to see him? How much do you know about her?

The fight couldn't be seen because I had to do doping tests there, and I rushed into the urine tray. But let's take a look and analyze the fight. I know he's so wonderful and he's sitting tight, but he'il stay with many feet.

This is a box, you never know who's gonna be prepared here. Likewise, with me – how WBSS has been instilled into us, but like three wounded and no longer fed. This is a sport that needs to be treated very carefully and accurately. I always help you believe in God. They're all trials, so I can understand how hard this bloody money will be.

Is religion very close to you?

Yeah, from childhood. My faith in the fact that we are not alone every now and then is getting stronger. I'm also sending video and text messages that people ask me. All of this puts me forward and gives you a sense of security. I forgot the war I had to go to God. I try to go to church every Sunday, but I didn't go to Chicago. Living is easier and more enjoyable, but no one has to push your faith. In difficult moments, I understand that it is important to a human. When the crisis was not yet, half of the churches were empty, worse of times, the churches were full.

What lessons did you learn from this difficult phase?

If I were olur in full gear, bu this competitor would be comfortable for me. All this was a big challenge for me, so I'm not gonna fight for the next fight and this tournament. If I want to motivate myself, I will look at this war.

After losing to Usik, Tony Bull announced his career. How long do you want to continue to climb and fight for victories?

Eager for a long time. I gave this sport a lifetime. After that, I think I'm going to work because I couldn't train. Higher education, but I need some details.

Could you look at the trainer's profession?

No, I don't think of a coach. For example, I think we will have good coaches to learn a lot from me, for example Dmitry. Let's open a school under surveillance. We will collect the best coaches of Latvia and we will do this project not only in boxing but also in sports. I would also like to change their minds and self-confidence, because we are deprived of them.

Did you know one of the first to celebrate you in a fight?

Do you think he's a hockey player (Raiti Ivananka)? Yes, I did. I've met him before. I don't understand why you're speaking English to me, I'm surprised.

How much do you value the WBC diamond belt?

Great value because it came with great challenges. Now we have all the WBC belts – the main belt, silver and the Baltic belt. This belt can turn into a world champion belt at any time. Depends on what Uisk decides, but I think he will continue to fight in this weight category because he won't be that fast with Anthony Joshua. But maybe … it will be faster after the result of those against Believe. However, it seems to me to "marry" more to earn more money.

Is revenge against Usuki still interesting to you?

I think it will be. If God protect the superser in a good, proper and healthy way, then he cannot tolerate this fight.

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