Tuesday , October 19 2021

From which place to watch the greetings of 18 November? Light Souce "Sun Life" responds to Art Director


A spectacular cultural events program was prepared for the centenary of Latvia. In particular, Riga promises that many guests will come to national holidays. In addition, the traditional light festival "Staro Rıga" will open in Riga on Friday evening.

November 18 celebrations in the capital will begin at noon. 8.11 on the Freedom Square and Dzegužkalns, along with the Latvian sunshine, followed by the ecumenical service in the Riga Dome. After that, residents are expected to wait at the Statue of Liberty, where they can watch a change of protection every 10 minutes. A flowering ceremony will be held near the monument at 12.45 am, but at noon. A musical event of 18.45 "18.11." It will begin – a multimedia story about freedom, where the main "storyteller" is the Statue of Liberty. At noon will the President of the Republic of Latvia Raimonds V 20jonis be called 20.00.

On April 20, "Daugava" concert will begin with the participation of the orchestra "R "ga" and the performance of the capital's male choirs. People who are traditionally called on national holidays at noon 21:00 are invited to join the national anthem of Latvia,, Bless Latvia! Bay. The biri sun life biri that the sun watches is one of the events that took place at the end of the century. After the lightning strike in the afternoon, Sette 21.20, the best songs of the centenary, will be played by DJs of Latvian radio stations.

In addition to these events, Riga will have the opportunity to visit various exhibitions and to visit various concerts in cultural centers, concert halls and churches.

Diana gösterivle, the art director of the or Staro R çağırga kat festival and the art director of the light show, told Diana gösterivle "LST" the program "900 Seconds", the light show can be seen from all sides, but it calls on people to take into account the weather and wind directions.

Görünüyor The wind seems to flow from Paranugava to Daugava across Old Riga. Then don't stand there. Not only will it be even worse, but the wind can also carry something like this, ”said Chiwl, who stressed that, Sun Life” should not be seen by Pardaugava in Raddison Hotel. If necessary, this area may be limited.

In turn, the ğ Staro Runga al festival, informing the Chihuahua, this year, 43 different art and light installation will be exhibited throughout the festival, he said. The theme of this year's festival is "Rising Light Castle".

The festival "Staro R görga" will last from November 17th to November 19th, objects can be seen every day in the afternoon. From 17.00 to noon 23:00.

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