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Each has its own kiosk. “Kiosk” was produced at Latvia Puppet Theater / Article /

“Kiosk” was produced in Latvia Puppet Theater based on the animated film and illustration book of director and artist Anete Melece. A story of hope, friendship and loneliness at the same time.

Olga works at a kiosk in the center of Riga. He also lives there and has not been out for a long time. Olga’s family are regular customers, but there are no photos of friends or relatives in the photo album. Just the sea. This is a story about the heroes created by Anete Melece, the author of animated films, who again came to live on the stage of the Latvian Puppet Theater.

Eight years ago, Anete Melece made this movie about Olga and the kiosk. A few years ago, Melece’s comic book of the same name also met with the audience. Like the movie, it continues to receive international awards, including last week’s prestigious Peter Pan Literary Award. The visual aesthetics created by Melece was transferred to the stage of the Puppet Theater by the “Countess” union, the senators and artists of the future.

Dace Ignatova, the artist of the “Countess” association, says the story is not funny, but you can talk about it with the children. Talk to the kids about the fact that it is not easy for a person to live with him.

A new hero Antons joins the story of Melece in the stage version of the puppet theater. It helps Olga and also the audience to understand the emotions that arise, work with, and speak to others.

Playwright Ance Muižniece highlights the timeliness of the material during the epidemic – the heroine Olga voluntarily chose to self-isolate.

“Everyone has their own kiosks. All apartment houses are full of kiosks. See which window you want. The author got the point,” says actress Dace Vītola, explaining the timeliness of the work.

At the same time, this story is about hopes that come true once in a person’s life. This will also apply to the Puppet Theater, where the premiere of “Kioska” will be held with the audience and will have the opportunity to be shown elsewhere in Latvia.

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