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Discover Meierovica Monument in Tukums / Article / LSM.LV


The first Foreign Minister of Latvia, Zigfrids Anna Meierovics, laid the foundations of Latvian diplomatic service and foreign policy traditions. His most prominent merit is the recognition of the Latvian state in other parts of the world this week to celebrate the centenary of the country. On Thursday (November 15th), in memory of Meierovica, he discovered a monument in the Tukums region, where a diplomat spent his childhood and school years.

Three days before the centenary birthday of Latvia, dozens of people and ambassadors from various countries met in Tukums to commemorate the importance of the first Foreign Minister Zigfrida Anna Meierowitz in the 1918 events.

Olabilir I think every nation can be very happy if there is a person who can turn the circle of history in a proper way in very important moments. These people were those who declared independence in Latvia on 18 November in 1918. One of these people is Zigfrida Mejirovic, said Zieferovic, man of Ingrid Meierovic.

In the summer of 1918, Meierovics went to England as the representative of a transitional national government.

In November, the Latvian State received a letter from the United Kingdom, which recognizes the government and the actual establishment of the foreign ministry.

A few years later, Meierovic recognized recognition.

The establishment of our country, O and Jan Caxti, Karl Ulmani, Michel Valter and many others were in the establishment of our country. And contributed to the democratic development of our country, "reminded the current Foreign Minister Edgars Rink ,vičs (" Unity ").

After the official speeches and the authorities of the national anthem, the posters cut the ribbon, showing many interested people to the monument to Meierovica, which became a donation of the people.

The monument was found directly in Tukums, because Meierovics spent her childhood and studied at a school near the school.

Many flowers come to the flower.

"I remember my father and they were friends of the family, and that's why I came to honor the show. In any case, we should say" High Fortune Latvia "tonight. "Tzetumnieks will judge Mirda and Ilze.

"Historians drive it out the door, but out of the window, I think because of his intelligence and energy, we're the one we're today.

In the nineteenth century, the novels of Meierovica wanted to remember that in the further development of the state, we could hold each of our hands and only achieve something with hard work.

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