Monday , September 26 2022

Daugavpils Dvukava "Piebalgas alus" appointed to the board – Branches – Financenet


At the same time, Oskars Liepins, who has been on the board of directors of the company since April 2009, quit working at Piebalgs Beer board.

Igor Shekhelov and Peter Micans, the wife of Agriculture Minister Duklava, are on the board of Piebalgs Beer & the board of directors of the company.

The changes in the company's board of directors are made on Monday, November 5.

The LETA agency reported that in 2017, Piebalgas Beer had a turnover of € 3,618 million with an increase of 1.1% compared to the previous year, while the company's profit fell by 8.4% to € 72 676.

Piebalgas alus was registered in 1998 and has a capital of EUR 502,771. 38% of the brewery is owned by D sahklava, 13% belongs to the Kalna Brici farm, owned by Inara D olanklava, and SD Invest, the sole owner of Šekhelevs; it has 49%.

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