Friday , April 16 2021

Covid-19 infected person travels by train from Saulkrasti to Riga

The person left Saulkrasti to go to Riga on time. 17.09 (JSC Pasažieru vilciens flight no.6145), but returned from Riga Zemitāni station to Saulkrasti 20.44 (JSC Pasažieru vilciens flight no. 6150).

In both directions, the person is sitting in the second car.

All passengers traveling on these train routes are advised to monitor their health on this date. If symptoms of Covid-19 infection occur, it is recommended that you stay home and contact your doctor to evaluate your health.

The SPKC reminds us that in such cases, Stop Covid can help earlier than contacting a patient with Covid-19.

It should be noted that the possibilities of a government-paid test on Covid-19 have been extended until April 6. If you develop symptoms of the disease (signs of acute respiratory infection, fever, smell disorders, loss of taste, etc.), the Covid-19 test can be done free of charge and without a doctor’s advice.

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