Monday , May 16 2022

Cockatoo parrots again show their high intelligence – Discoveries – Science


True, this qualification is limited to the determination of the correct length of the instrument, because in the experiment it was only possible for a parrot to make a device that was narrow enough to penetrate the hole in the back of the container.

A study published in the PLOS One scientific journal had to be caught in a glass box of six cockadopheid parrots. Each bird was given a piece of cardboard, but the cake was placed 4 to 16 centimeters away from the opening in the glass box.

In general, the ability of all cockatooes to scan strips of cardboard length desired.

"The parrots cut the desired length from the slitting strip, the upper jaw and the lower jaw as scissors or folded to the desired length, and returned with a mouthpiece. they returned.

If the tool was too short on the first attempt, the birds would know their second gear for a long time. Researchers think this is a strategy to avoid risk.

PHOTO: Auersperg AMI, Köck C, O 'Hara M, Huber L (2018)

True, the parrots had problems when the instrument was collapsed. When the opening was smaller, it was only able to narrow a bird gear sufficiently.

Scientists in the future plan to use other materials to see if birds can cope with other problems.

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