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Best NBA basketball players recognized Makolums and Sikams last week – Basketball –

So far, the NBA's new season in the last four weeks has been the best player ever since, and this week is no exception. In the Western Conference, one of Portland's "Trail Blazers" leaders won such a recognition. Sydney Makolums. The Portland season started off perfectly, winning ten times in 13 games and taking second place. Last week he won three victories in three games with "Trail Blazers", "Bucks", "Clippers" and "Celtics". Makolum within the framework of these games has an average accuracy of 25.7 points and more than 50%.

One of the main successors of the team, as usual, can be found in My Account. The attacker performed a spectacular performance against Milwaukee, attacking the basket with great precision, earning 19 points in the third quarter. & # 39; Clippers & # 39; Makolum 23 points and 7 rebounds, the American basketball team scored 14 points in the Boston basket. In the 2016 season, Macolius, the first-class player of the NBA, scored 20.5 points to hit the basket with 45.1%.

In the Eastern Conference, you'll find the & # 39; Raptors & # 39; basketball player was the best in his title Pascal Siakam. Toronto has paved the way for a strong season and now the team has won 12 victories in 14 games, not only from the East, but throughout the NBA. Siakam took the third season in the league and now "Raptors" were consolidated as the main offensive. Toronto, like Portland, played three games in the same game last week and got stuck at the summit of the NBA. There are 20.0 points and 72.4% of the goals in the game.

The Jazz team had 16 points and 7 rebounds over the past weekend, played against the Kings, and Toronto's 21-point win was a success. In the match against New York's sayı Kincks saldır on Saturday, Siakam had the best career by defeating a basket very precisely and winning 23 points with a basketball record. It should be noted that "Raptors" suffered a loss against the "Pelikan" this morning, but Siakam was again at 22 points.

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