Friday , May 20 2022

Australia's WRC rally takes over Tanax


Photo: TGR WRC

On the second day, at the Australian WRC rally, the athletes had to take ten steps. In the first four mornings, the speed of the rush was Ots Tanaks, which could move from the fifth position to the second position. Meanwhile, Craig Bryan failed to compete with the leaders in the first two stages, failing in the morning, while in stage 11 Bryn broke his car's left-hand drive, so he lost a lot of time and set the overall score to eighth. The Ostbergs were fast, but after the 11th stage, Norway ranked third in the third place and agreed that the drivers of Toyota were very fast.

Meanwhile, Latvala defeated Tanaku for 3.2 seconds after the 12th lap, while the Ostbergs were eight seconds behind.

Photo: Hyundai Motorsport

After the service park where Toyota riders continued to be fast, fierce battles continued. At stage 14, Tanak was the fastest by taking over the rally. Meanwhile, Latvala took the second place, while New Zealand Padon took third place in these roads. The champions in Ojier and Noivils ranked sixth and eighth respectively.

At the end of the day, athletes had to get two quick stages of Tanaks and Noivils appeared in the fastest times.

Photo by Sophie Graillon

As a result, the leader in the overall ranking is Tanax, followed by Latvala and Padon. Ojo is the fifth, but Noivil is the seventh. If the rally ended in this way, the champion would be Ozier. Briton with technical problems fell to the tenth place.

Athletes will have to make six races (83 km) on the closing day of the rally.

Rally results:

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