Sunday , August 1 2021

A trick? What type of Latvian citizen fooled Facebook users?

In the social network Facebook, a woman named Marite herself wrote in a difficult situation and asked for help and then made an apology statement called "Without Taboo".

I've found a deadly virus known for six hundred years. Nobody survived. This is meningitis encephalitis sepsis. In fact, there are five deadly viruses.

For a long time, the social portal read a woman, Marite, who told her live story about the cheese. Reluctant behavior of the doctor about the serious diseases that shot her. It's hard to go with farms and cattle, so they have to ask people for help. As he reads, his article reads many comments, many of which he obviously seem willing to help.

Comments on Facebook:
"I can help with the food, but I'm Liepaja. Also, such a garden inventory will take place."

"Where are you? I can try to help."

What is very confusing is the one that allows a woman to talk to someone who knows a woman. She found that the lady might be the owner of brothels, might have fallen on the police nail, and had to go to the country's bread or prison for several years. Some comments suggest that this profile was specifically created to seek help.

When the woman comes to "Tabsız", it is seen that the chicken is absorbed around the bread and the sheep. There are two young men working for the daily work of the house. The hostess herself in the room.

"I've found a deadly virus that has been known for six hundred years. Nobody survives. This is meningitis encephalitis. It's five deadly viruses," Mār yıldırte says.

The doctors just stole their heads because the lady's name is not a fatal virus. These are three diseases. Meningitis, encephalitis, sepsis.

She says she did nothing bad. Money does not require sacrifice, requires clothes, uses something. The collected herbal tea sells itself both in the forest and in the land it hires.

& # 39; No Tab & # 39; After his visit, he wrote an apology on a woman's Facebook profile, admitting that everyone was cheated, but now both records – prayer and apology – were deleted.


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