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A person in Latvia claimed compensation for the side effects of the vaccine against Kovid-19 / Article

The government’s commitment to offset the potential side effects of Covid-19 vaccines is included in the same bill that provides mandatory vaccination for various occupations. Until it is clear what Saeima lawmakers will decide on this bill, there is also no approved mechanism and procedure for compensating for side effects. Currently, the Health Inspectorate has registered a case where a person applied to the Medical Risk Fund for compensation for possible health problems caused by the Covid-19 vaccine.

Serious side effects from vaccines are very rare. For example, the possible side effect of Vaxzevria (a vaccine produced by AstraZeneca) – specific thrombus formation in Latvia – was not recorded for anyone. However, there have been four cases of sudden severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis that doctors were able to quickly prevent.

“In all cases, people recovered in a short time and remained in the hospital, and in some cases they were even discharged at home on the same day. Because emergency aid is provided and it is very important that the vaccine is given at the site,” said Zane Neiken, the State Medicines Agency, the European Medicines Agency.

Among the most serious vaccine adverse events in Latvia, a total of four cases of inflammatory heart disease – myocarditis and pericarditis – were confirmed after vaccination with mRNA vaccines (including Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines). .

“To find out in time, to see a doctor if there is already palpitations, palpitations, pain in the heart area, to seek emergency medical attention and these cases of pericarditis and myocarditis in Latvia – people recovered after treatment. and such a peaceful lifestyle. no association was established, no death was not associated with the vaccine,” he said.

The fact that these side effects can be avoided without further consequences by applying for help in a timely manner is also confirmed by cardiologist Saeima assistant professor Andris Skride (“For Improvement / Par!”).

“Usually, patients with myocarditis are treated in the hospital for a week and then anything can be done. It’s a treatable disease and most people don’t develop any disability,” Skride said.

The ZVA specialist has repeatedly emphasized that if you feel unwell, you should seek immediate medical attention without pain. This also applies to post-vaccination high temperatures – you should take medication and, if necessary, contact your doctor.

One of the more than 640,000 people who completed the vaccination process in Latvia applied for compensation to the Medical Risk Fund regarding the vaccine against Covid-19. The Health Inspectorate stated that the case had not yet been examined as the applicant had not yet provided full information.

Meanwhile, government documents state: “Currently, regulatory laws do not specify conditions for compensation if complications (side effects) caused by vaccination cause a health or life injury.”

To change that, along with the government’s decision to make vaccination mandatory for some occupations, the bill passed by the same government also provides for compensation if the Covid-19 vaccine causes serious health problems. How the draft law progresses will depend on the actions of the Saeima lawmakers.

“Therefore, the compensation mechanism needs to be elaborated, but the principle may be similar and is currently the case with the reimbursement from the Medical Risk Fund for patients who experience any adverse event that harms their health during their treatment . . . ”said the Head of the Communications Department of the Ministry of Health. Oskars Šneiders.

The draft law states that anyone who has harmed their health or life due to side effects caused by vaccination will be compensated and will be entitled to state-paid healthcare to prevent complications.

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