Saturday , November 28 2020

A member of the Livy group revealed what caused the fire at home – Celebrities – Entertainment

Guntars reveals that the people of the oledole region live in a house in the Kuldiga district, with their mother and son for less than a month.

From October 11 to October 12, the night turned out quite tragic. "Tonight, we were at home with our son in Riga, at home … (…) Ever since I wasn't there, I only know what's coming to me, as he told me, it turned out to be a record he found in his treasures. ignited, did not really understand, "musician reveals.

Ki As if a candle was burning with a big flame, the flame blew up in the air, as if it were scared and ome scared. The man was very distracted. Her Then he ran to the water, but until he was brought, everything started to burn. Guntars said the magazine on the events of the night.

It was already said that within a few hours, everything was burned, left alone with the family and left alone with those who were hired in fire.

Anyone who wants to help a musician and his family asks for a donation to the phone. "Ziedojums Guntaram Mucenieks" for the purpose of payment by calling 90006488 (call 1.42 Euro) or by transferring to the "Fund Consonant" bank account, Legal Department Misas iela 3, Renga, LV-1058, Latvia. 40008274372. AS Seb bank, SWIFT UNLALV2X, LV15UNLA0050024642558.

To help the Guntars family return to their homes, their musician friends and band members organized a charity concert at the 1st Rock Cafe in Latvia on November 15th. The event was attended by Livy, Juris Kaukulis, Dzelzs Vilks, Feliks umsģelis and the group, Muravejs and the group, Jānis Bukums, Symbolic, Zvani, Harald Sulmanis, Valdis Atals and others.

Photo gallery: View of the help concert of Guntar Mucenieks

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