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Yoo Si-min "Religious Litigation, No Protest"

Enter 2019.11.19 23:59

Former Attorney General Chung Kyung-sim (57) chairman, President Yoo Si-min, argued for a trial for the future of a real play of the word lar horses against horses acak that would be “no material evidence.

/ You Cimin & # 39; s Allileo YouTube Capture
/ You Cimin & # 39; s Allileo YouTube Capture

President Yu will be the first person on the YouTube channel & # 39; Alileo & # 39; 19, the prosecution said that there was no evidence (provided by the prosecution) and that the words could not be proved as an act. & # 39; & # 39; said Cho Bum-dong, Professor Chung and Professor Chung Dong-yang. And Choi Seong-hae's claim will be met. "Evidence, witnesses and testimonies proving the facts will come out in court, dedi he said. Dur The trial will not be completed in six months. D

President Yoo described Cho's daughter Cho Min (28) as a sahte consistent plan for the use of certificates, such as the evaluation of institutions such as internships, certificates, and the support of health personnel ”. 11 of them are wrong. Üzerine On the discussion of the moral violation of public service ethics, Sav prosecutors said the ex-offender (Chun) was unaware of Professor Chung's guilty behavior. Eski The former prosecutor knew that even if the stock nominee agreement was correct, he said. You have to give. "

President Yoo said the prosecution's investigation into the prosecutor's investigation into the future "the prosecutor's office was not summoned to court to seize the former secretary's person". If you catch him, you'il be charged with disability. "

At the same time, the prosecution had alleged that the prosecution would charge Cho and Seoul Chung for violating the Law on Ethics of Public Officials for allegedly receiving children's internship certificate at the Seoul National University Public Human Rights Law Center. he said. His daughter (28) was expected to prosecute the former bribery minister in relation to the bulletin debate at Pusan ​​National University School of Medicine.

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